Bell on the road to recovery

There weren't many players more impressive than Diamond Bar (Calif.) athlete Kanya Bell last summer. Unfortunately his junior season was cut short with a knee injury and he's now on the road to recovery.

Kanya Bell looked like a potential top 50 player nationally last summer. While everyone talks about wanting to play both ways, Bell was one of the few guys who was equally talented at receiver and defensive back and played both at a high level. He was a natural and had tremendous skill and athleticism.

Unfortunately Bell didn't even make it to week three of the season last year due to a knee injury.

"I tore my MCL and meniscus at practice," Bell said. "I'm getting better every day and hopefully I'll be ready to go for fall practice. I'm doing therapy three times a week now, I was doing it every day right after the surgery.

"I'm doing a lot of exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knee now, leg and calf raises and doing some cone drills but just walking, no running yet. I don't want to re-injure it so I'm going light and playing it cautious."

On the recruiting front, Bell said one school is clearly out in front of the rest of the pack.

"My main school is USC, that's where all my focus is right now," Bell said. "That's how it has been for me from the beginning, USC has always been my school since I was little. It's too early for me to commit right now, I need to get through this injury and let the process play out before I make my decision.

"I'm also talking with Arizona, Utah, Washington and Washington State. I plan to take some visits this spring and summer but don't have any planned yet and I'll do some official visits in the fall too. Like I said, I want to let the process play out and then I'll make a final decision."

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