UNC Moving Up for Frasier

FOUR OAKS, N.C. --- In the past few weeks, Johnny Frasier made visits to both North Carolina and NC State. He made the UNC visit at the urging of Larry Porter, the Tar Heels' running backs coach.

"That visit moved [UNC] up a couple of spots after I got to sit down and talk to them," said the 5-10, 206-pound running back from Princeton (N.C.) HS. "It outweighs just football – the atmosphere and how they react to you."

Over 20 schools have offered Frasier.

"I don't really have any favorites right now, but I had pretty good visits when I went to Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina," Frasier said.

Before his senior football season, Frasier plans to narrow his focus to at least five schools to make his recruitment more manageable. He says that Florida State and Georgia are likely to make that cut.

"It's just how they come after me," Frasier said of Florida State and Georgia. "And they like their N.C. players. With Georgia, they have Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall and they highly react to the N.C. players. And when I talked to [Gurley and Marshall], they said they treat them just like family."

Most of Frasier's visits have been within reasonable driving distance, but he plans to expand out during the summer. Michigan, Ohio State, and Tennessee are among the schools he's eyeing for a trip.

Frasier's most recent visit to UNC was the first opportunity he has received to spend time with current UNC players.

"I talked to the players and asked why they picked North Carolina," Frasier said. "I talked to Elijah Hood to see why he came to North Carolina. I just was getting a feel for why they were there."

Though he spent time with several UNC players, Frasier hung out the most with Hood.

"He said it was more of a family base to him," Frasier said. "He was committed to Notre Dame, but he decided to stay close to his family. And North Carolina was very family-based, which made him pick UNC."

When he wasn't with players, Frasier was with Porter.

"He said he really didn't want to talk about football," Frasier said. "He just wanted to talk about the atmosphere and being close to the players and how they have a relationship and connection to him.

"It's not only about football. I'm looking for a school that I want to go to even if I didn't play football just in case something happens – God forbid. In that case, Coach Porter showed me it's not only about football and I'm going to get my education either way."

Given the location of Princeton and the turnover at the running back coach position, Frasier has dealt with several different UNC coaches since the Tar Heels began recruiting him. In recent months, however, Porter has taken charge of Frasier's recruitment.

"We're building on [our relationship]," Frasier said. "We always catch each other at bad times – like he'll miss my call or he'll message me when I'm busy. We're working on it, but we're getting better."

Frasier's stay also included a meeting with Larry Fedora.

"He was just touching on what Coach Porter said – it's a family based program," Frasier said. "He was telling me that if I leave early or not, they're going to pay for me to get my degree."

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