Rose Talks Ragin' Cajuns

Local Northside HS athlete Ethan Rose (6'0,180) is visiting a number of football camps this summer and recently visited the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns Junior Day. Rose talks about his visit on junior day with the Cajun Redzone!

In his first season at quarterback at Northside HS, Ethan Rose performed his way to a 5-4A All-District season and was named to the Daily Advertiser's All-Acadiana First Team Offense. Rose continues to raise interest from college coaches as he attends junior days this spring and plans out summer football camps.

What where your initial thoughts when you first walked into the junior day event?

" It was very organized,and when we stepped out of the vehicle there was someone taking pictures like we were important."

What did you think of Coach Hudspeth's speech and presentation? Was there anything that he said that may have caught your attention?

"Coach Hudspeth's speech impressed me because he said that our education is most the important thing and lots of coaches only use players for football, and don't care about education. That really made me feel like he cares about our life after our football career."

Did you get to meet your position coach and recruiting coach?

"I did briefly meet my position coach, but there was so many of us it was not anything too personal."

Did you attend practice afterwards and what did you think of the way the coaching staff ran the practice?

"We did watch the practice and I was, like I want to go on the field with them; gave me a adrenaline rush I was ready! Maybe one day I will be on that same field, Lord only knows."

What was your overall view of the program after the junior day and are you considering attending one of their summer camps?

"I really enjoyed the junior day and I have visited a few schools that really impressed me. My brother and I will be attending camp just not sure of the dates as of now because of summer schedule, but I'm looking forward to learning all the skills I need to make a better overall athlete."

What are your schools of interest?

"I really like U.L., Southern Miss, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Florida State and Oklahoma State. It all comes down to who will give me a fair chance,a awesome education, and scholarship."

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