Texas Athlete Wants to See College Park

Elkins (Missouri City, Texas) athlete Jonathan Gilesclaims offers from Colorado, Indiana, Fresno State and North Texas, while schools such as Maryland, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, TCU, Texas and others are monitoring him.

Elkins (Missouri City, Texas) athlete Jonathan Giles has spent his career sitting under center, but thanks to his 4.4 40-yard dash speed, quick feet and ankle-breaking moves he's generating plenty of interest as a receiver at the next level. So far Giles claims offers from Colorado, Indiana, Fresno State and North Texas, while schools such as Maryland, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, TCU, Texas and others are monitoring him.

In fact, the 6-foot, 175-pound Giles actually said the Terps pulled through with a scholarship, but he'll likely have to visit campus in order to secure a firm one.

"Coach [Keenan] McCardell actually came down to my school a couple weeks ago to check me out, and we've been in touch since," Giles said. "Then I spoke to him on the phone and he basically said the offer was there for me. He said he loves my height, how I'm a playmaker and most of all how I'm a leader on and off the field."

While Giles isn't too familiar with Maryland, the man he spoke to from the school is an immediate attraction.

"Coach McCardell was telling me how he played in the NFL, and that's really cool because he knows the ropes and what it takes to get to that level and succeed," Giles said. "My dream is to play in the League one day, and playing under someone like Coach McCardell would obviously really help me."

Giles went on to say that he's well aware of Maryland's Big Ten move and how the program has performed the last couple seasons. He's seen Stefon Diggs on television and believes he'd fit in well in Mike Locksley's offense.

"It's definitely a school I want to take a look at. The competition they'll be going against – Michigan, Ohio State – that's huge," Giles said. "Maryland is building themselves up, and I like what I'm seeing."

The Texas athlete plans to visit College Park sometime this July. He's never been on the East Coast before, so it will be quite an experience for him.

"I've been to California before, but I've never been East," he said. "I'm excited to see something different, go some place I've never gone. I'm the type of guy who doesn't want to just stay in Texas. I want to go national and see the country."

Some of the other schools Giles will be checking out include Colorado and Indiana, both of which have offered. LSU, Texas Tech, Texas and other in-state programs figure to get looks as well. He has yet to see any campuses thus far and is eager to start experiencing them this summer.

"I've been so busy with football, basketball and now track I just haven't had any time," Giles said. "I honestly haven't visited any schools yet, so I've got to get out and see some of these places. After that I'll have a better idea which ones I really like. I want to see the academic side mostly, because that's very important. Then the facilities, the coaches and how I'll fit into the offense."

There are a couple programs Giles is hoping to catch the eye of during his summer camp/visit tour. While many players do have a dream school, Giles actually has three.

"Texas, Texas Tech and Oregon," he said. "Those are the schools I grew up watching and the first ones I fell in love with. I'd love to get an offer from one of them."

Last season Giles threw for more than 2,000 yards, rushed for more than 1,000 and totaled 43 touchdowns. He completed 62 percent of his throws and tossed just 11 picks against 25 scoring passes.

"I think I can play quarterback at the next level, but the only team that's really recruiting me for that is Fresno State," Giles said. "The rest are all saying receiver. That's OK, though. I'm fine with receiver as long as I get a chance."

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