Lampkin Laying Low caught up with Cy Falls defensive tackle Du'Vonta Lampkin from Houston, Texas. He has seen some movement occur since opening things up from his Oklahoma commitment. But where do things stand now? He shares the latest…

By choice, things have slowed down for Houston (Tex.) Cy Falls defensive tackle Du'Vonta Lampkin. In late April, Lampkin decided to open things up as he was committed to Oklahoma. And though the Sooners still have a place with him, he sat down with those closest to him.

"I just sat down with my parents and we talked about all of the schools that were recruiting me. We decided that I should visit some schools," Lampkin said.

And since then, more activity has happened. The 6-foot-4, 190-pound Lampkin has 11 offers in hand. With that said, there are two categories of schools for him.

Via twitter, he named Oklahoma, Texas and Oklahoma State as a Top 3 in no order. But in addition to that, in the most recent interview, Lampkin had another listing of schools in a different category.

"Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma State and LSU. Those are schools that standout for me," Lampkin said. "These are the schools that are recruiting me the hardest. That's a big part of everything as well."

For the moment, Lampkin said that he does not have any visits lined up. He did mention that he may do some of the camps within the city, but is not likely to make any visits until next year with officials. 

So since making the move to open things up, how is he feeling about everything?

"It is pretty good. Things have not really slowed down for me at all" Lampkin said. "If anything, stuff has gotten crazier. But I'm just going along with everything and will see what I have after spring. Then I will look at everything and schedule my officials."

This off season, Lampkin has been working on both side of the ball at the tackle position. Most schools are looking at him for the defensive side of the ball as a tackle or end. As a junior, he finished with 90 tackles and seven sacks.

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