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Webb City (MO) offensive tackle discusses his latest offer from Missouri State, two programs sticking out, and schools he will camp at.

Webb City (MO) offensive tackle Dalton Ford picked up another offer, from local program Missouri State. The Bears are a program with a few connections to Ford's high school.

"We have two kids from my school that go to Missouri State now for football," Ford said. "There's a lot of familiarity between Missouri State and my school. I figured they'd offer but I wasn't sure when it would be. The head coach invited me to the spring game. I figured it would happen then but I wasn't sure. I talked to the offensive line coach there and he told me I was good enough to be offered."

"He said that Coach Allen was old school and wanted to be the one to offer," Ford added. "We had a 10 minute conversation with Coach Allen, the head coach later that day. He said they wanted to offer me."

The Missouri State head coach had some good things to say about Ford's game.

"He loves the way I play," Ford shared. "He had seen me play before and he and his offensive line coach both say I'm physical and what they're looking for. Coach Allen said he knows that I have FBS offers but wants me to give them a chance, and that I have an offer and he wants me to play for them."

Ended up 5-7 after losing streak. Poised to have better season and on the way after signing a really good recruiting class. They're looking to turn it around but it's going to take the right kids to do that.

The Bears will be considered by Ford going forward.

"They want me to come to camp," he stated. "I have a busy camp schedule already so we will see what happens. I'm going to try my best but there's no guarantee that I will be able to. Every coach that takes the time out of day to consider me will get consideration from myself. I tell that to every school."

Two other programs have caught the eye of Ford.

"Illinois and Syracuse are really pressuring me to make my commitment to them," he explained. "I won't be making that decision until July or August, though. They're my top two right now but I will be attending camps to try to add more offers. I think I have a good chance at that as some schools have told me they want reassurance that I'm the player that they have seen on tape."

The Illini have hosted Ford several times and he has a strong relationship with the coaching staff.

"I've been there for an overnight stay and a junior day visit," he pointed out. "I liked it a lot. It's a crazy atmosphere. Coach Ricker is a great coach. He's down to earth and tells you how it is. I also like Coach Beckman and he's a nice guy. He spoke to my father and myself for 30 minutes. We appreciate him for taking that kind of time."

Syracuse is also in the discussion for Ford's services.

"The coach recruiting me played at Missouri State in the 1980's," Ford told Scout. "He called my coach and told me they were going to offer and then did so when I got on the phone. They think I'm a great player and want me up there. I haven to visited them yet. I want to but it will have to be an official visit because it's a long way to New York."

Ford discussed his summer plans and what camps he will attend.

"I will camp at Missouri and Arkansas, and hopefully Kansas State," he said. "I also might camp at Oklahoma State. One of our former teammates plays for them and it's a place I'd like to make it for camp as well."

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