Coach Speak: Jacob Robinson

Thursday afternoon stopped at Westfield (IN) High School and spoke with head football coach Jake Gilbert about Jacob Robinson.

During our stop at Westfield (IN) High School, head coach Jake Gilbert knew standout player Jacob Robinson was narrowing his recruitment down. However, when Gilbert spoke with, he didn't know Robinson would pull the trigger 24-hours later to stay close to home and become a member of Kevin Wilson's squad at Indiana.

In our latest Coach Speak, Gilbert opened up about Robinson off the field.

"Jacob is a fantastic kid and an excellent leader," said Gilbert. "We've gone from a situation where we have not won to one where we have won a lot and people know that. His leadership was a huge reason for that.

"He's the kind of guy who works hard in everything he does. He's an awesome weight room worker and he makes everyone around him work harder and that translates on to the field.

"He's a great, great kid and very humble and despite all the attention he's received, he's remained humble and all the kids like him."

As Gilbert said, the work off the field has helped the Shamrocks on the field.

"Jacob's certainly a real catalyst on the field and we all play harder when he's out there," he continued. "He moves well and is versatile and does a million things for us on offense. I think he can grow into a bigger guy and on defense grow into a three-technique or an interior guy. We might play him there some ourselves there this year.

"He's got a ton of development left and with that being the case, I think he's going to be a huge kid."

Gilbert has worked to keep Robinson relaxed since he started receiving attention from the many college programs that have offered or stopped by school. However, he stressed Robinson has not allowed the attention change who he is.

"He's got a ton of development left and with that being the case, I think he's going to be a huge kid."

"I try to keep pressure off of him and let him know this is all a win-win and all is positive," he said. "It's easy to get caught up in what offers you don't have or stressful decisions and timelines. But I just try and keep him focused on how positive all of this is and that these are all great options and good opportunities out there.

"Basically, I try and keep him relaxed about the future and trust that with God's help it's going to work out the way it is suppose to and make sure he does not neglect what is in front of him right now and not worrying about the future to a point where it hurts his development now.

"It shows the kind of kid he is and where his priorities are. It gets kind of hard for him as there have been so many coaches in here all the time and he just wants to workout. It's all exciting at first, but it kind of gets nerve racking at the end.

"He's managed it pretty well if you ask me, but he's got to be patient and understand this is all good and positive attention. I know it can get too you after a while, but he needs to make sure he makes the right decision no matter where that is."

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