Air-conditioned helmet unveiled

The U.S. Army will now be able to keep soldiers cool while in some of the hottest climates around the world.

The helmet looks like something straight out of a sci-film or video game, but it's actually in production for the U.S. Army. It has its own built-in air-condition system and will protect against heat stroke, as well as biological and chemical weapons.

Designed initially as a powered air-purifying respirator, engineers added air-conditioning to the helmet to make it more comfortable to wear.

It was designed to be much lighter and use less power than traditional respirators, developers said in Live Science.

Those who tested the new general-purpose mask said that it performed as effectively as other masks and was easy to maneuver with while crawling, running, or performing other combat training exercises. More features are being added to the helmet, and Army officials said they that an automatic fan will be added that turn on or off simply by monitoring the soldier's physiology.

They might look like storm troopers from Star Wars, but the soldiers that get to wear these helmets will be wearing the first of the next generation of combat equipment.

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