Insane Sport Alert: Kayak Shark Fishing?!

It might be the craziest thing you can do in the water, so best learn to do it right.

Who doesn't like a little shark action? My husband always finds himself hunting for an opportunity at a shark… or five. Whether it's from the beach, kayak, or boat, he enjoys and respects shark fishing. Now, if you're going to chase sharks from a kayak, be prepared for a fight. Having the proper equipment and confidence is key.

How you'll want your rig:

  • Reel: You'll want to use a conventional reel—something in the 30-50 size range.

  • Rod: A stand up boat rod, 6-foot, 6-inch, heavy to extra heavy action. Don't hesitate to use a vertical jigging rod—they work exceptionally well outside of their original design. Using a vertical jigging rod will give you the backbone needed to fight large fish, but are light enough to keep overall weight to a minimum, which is essential when fishing from a ‘yak.

  • Line: 65- to 80-pound braid

  • Leader: 150-pound wind-on leader crimped to a 150-pound SPRO ‘heavy swivel' that's attached to your main line. From the wind-on you'll have another SPRO ‘heavy swivel' with 2 feet of #12 (174-pound) ToothProof steel wire. Using this specific swivel will allow you to reel the leader through the rod guides. The last thing you want is to lose contact with that fish or have 8 feet of leader dangling around.

  • Hook: Typically we're using 9/0 Gamakatsu Big Eye Circle hooks. You can always step this up when using bigger baits, but always use a circle hook.

  • Bait: Fresh is always the best. We find ourselves using Bonito most often because it's readily available. You can cut chunks off, use just the head or the whole fish in some situations.

    • Now that you're well prepared, you'll want to position yourself to make a drift. If you're in an area with good amounts of baitfish swimming around, the sharks won't be far behind.

      Don't forget if you have any questions or suggestions, please visit and give me a shout!

      Get Out & Fish!


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