Who Watches the "Watch Dogs"?

Break all the rules in the most immersive game this side of "Grand Theft Auto."

It's not often you see a highly anticipated AAA (aka super-high budget) video game get launched in May, but Watch Dogs doesn't play by the rules or respect authority…mainly because breaking the rules and undermining authority is exactly what the game is all about.

Here's the story: You take on the role of Aiden Pierce and, no, you're not an Victorian English poet. What you are is a pissed off hacker living in a reimagined Chicago where the entire city—from traffic systems to individual cell phones—route through a central operating system. Surprisingly, it's a lot less 1984 and a lot more Brave New World; people don't actually seem to mind giving up their privacy to a shady omnipotence, nor do they question why there's an army of minions prowling the streets to protect the system.

As Aiden, you're operating above of the laws and rules of the system, taking control when it's convenient to accomplish your own justifiably vengeful ends. Noble motives aside, you're playing as the criminal and, like any criminal, nobody's really happy about what you're doing. Cops are looking for you, folks are trying to kill you, and even other real people (via Xbox Live or PSN) are actually trying to hack into your game and mess with you while you quest for some vigilante justice.

Watch Dogs takes techno-paranoia to a tin-hat level, and the result is a twist on the open-world adventure game that's as unique as it is engrossing. It's easy to lose yourself in the hi-tech world of the game's Chicago. Watch Dogs' recreation of the city is a faithful one, mimicking everything from full neighborhoods like The Loop to individual landmarks like Millennium Park. Unraveling the plot surrounding Aiden is unmistakably the spotlight of the game, but there's an abundance of side missions peppered throughout the world to keep you occupied…and affirm your moral superiority. Then again, it's all just a video game and, if you want to spend all your time hacking into other people's games and making their lives miserable, who are we to judge?

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