NFTC Columbus: Top Defensive Linemen

Columbus, Ohio - A high definition look at the top defensive line performances at the Nike Camp held at Ohio State on Sunday.

It was going to be tough to pick one defensive line MVP at the Nike Camp held at Ohio State on Sunday. So, I'm going to cheat and name an inside and outside MVP.

Mr. Outside Jashon Cornell of Cretin-Derham Hall in Minnesota had a much better day than he did in Chicago in April. He was quicker off the line and much more active. He had his way at defensive end, and even took some snaps inside at tackle. It's possible that he could end up a 4-3 defensive tackle on the next level, but he could play end in either a 3-4 or a 4-3.

Mr. Inside Canadian big man Neville Gallimore was extremely impressive at defensive tackle. For a more detailed write up on the newest member of the Scout 300, please click here.

If it wasn't one of the two players above, Robert Landers of Wayne (Ohio) could easily have been named MVP. He's a bit undersized for a D1 defensive tackle, but he's the type of player that wins coaches a lot of games at the high school level. He's compact, quick, and strong. Smaller D1 schools and 1AA schools would do well to give Landers a hard look.

If Cornell were to switch jerseys with Darius Fullwood out of Good Counsel (DC), I'm not sure anyone would have noticed. Fullwood was equally as impressive at defensive end and has a similar build. Fullwood isn't long and rangy at end, he's wide and quick. He's quick enough to be an outside linebacker in a 3-4 and is a big reason why there weren't more highlights of offensive tackles from the camp on Sunday.

Brandon Tiassum of Park Tudor High School in Indianapolis followed up on his good NFTC Chicago showing with another standout performance in Columbus. He has defensive tackle size with 3-4 end quickness.

Darrell Taylor made his way to Columbus from Hopewell High School in Virginia and was one of the lean, quick speed rushers that gave the offensive tackles fits all day.

Michael Kyle of Northland (Ohio) is an intriguing prospect. He lined up at defensive end and tackle, and he looks as if he could spend some time in the weight room working on his 6'4/265 pound frame. Then the ball snaps, and he's instantly around his blocker. Talk about deceptively quick. This is the kind of kid who gets passed on by bigger schools and hits the weights in college and ends up in the NFL.

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