Michigan Caught Hausmann by Surprise

The Wolverines recently joined the offer list for 2016 Cincinnati (Ohio) Moeller TE, Jake Hausmann. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster after the Columbus NFTC last Sunday to discuss his game, his interest in Michigan, his decision timeline, and much much more.

Jake Hausmann didn’t earn the MVP for the tight end position at last weekend’s Nike Football Training Camp in Columbus, but his impressive showing definitely put him in the running.  The 6-5, 240-pounder was one of the most athletic and sure-handed prospects in his position group despite being one of the biggest.

“I think I did pretty well,” Hausmann said afterward.  “The one-on-ones went well.  Two-on-twos were alright, but the three-on-threes were a little but rough just because tight ends don’t get the ball as much as the running backs and receivers.” 

When the ball did come his way Hausmann made the most of it.  While he looks more the part of an imposing line-of-scrimmage tight end, he proved more than capable of getting out in pass patterns and making plays.  It’s a duality that is also regularly on display for his high school team.

“We use two tight ends… a tight end that gets on the ground (and) puts his nose in the dirt, and then (one that) can get flexed out,” he said regarding the Cincinnati Moeller offense.  “I think I’m a totally versatile tight end, a guy who catches the ball and can also block.” 

That versatility has certainly caught the attention of a number of notable suitors.  His offer list already consists of traditional powers Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame, and Florida State.  Others to recently join the fold are Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Michigan. The last of those was a tad unexpected.

“(Michigan) caught me by surprise but because I have been talking to them, but it wasn’t too serious,” said Hausmann. “I talked to them about once or twice and then my coaches told me to call them. I didn’t know them too much, but I have been doing a little bit of research.” 

For much of his childhood he has only known Michigan as the enemy.

“Both of my parents went there so I grew up a Buckeye fan,” he explained.

That said, now that he is a recruit his perspective on thins has changed a bit.

“Obviously the Ohio State coaches don’t want me going up there, but I’m going to keep my options open,” Hausmann stated.  “I’ve been talking to Michigan (and) Tennessee about visiting, but I don’t have a set date.”

He did have a set date to visit Ohio State again last Monday. The Buckeye brass is working hard to expand upon its built-in advantage. 

“They are probably recruiting me the hardest,” said Hausmann.  “They really want me to join the family.  They really want me to be a leader for the 2016 class and gather our recruits behind it.” 

A flattering offer to be sure, but the talented youngster doesn’t appear to be in any rush to accept it.

“I think I’m going to wait a while,” he said.  “I definitely don’t want to drag it out, but before my senior season for football I think I’m going to commit (to a school) then.” 

“Me and my parents have been talking about (the criteria for that choice).  First of all, it’s academics.  Then I am going to play in the offense (and) if it’s an offense I like. (It’s) not too big of a deal.  I would love to play in a spread but it’s not too big a factor. (Comfort) with the coaches, the players, the tradition… all of that just kind of plays a (role).” 

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