Picking Up For Goolsby

Wichita (KS) Bishop Carroll athlete Denzel Goolsby has seen his recruitment pick up in recent weeks. He also received offer number two from Kansas.

Wichita (KS) Bishop Carroll athlete Denzel Goolsby has used the month of June to camp at several programs. He's determined to raise his stock and create more opportunities for himself on the recruiting trail.

In the last week and a half Goolsby has camped at Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and Kansas.

He spoke about his experience in Stillwater.

"I was happy with how I performed at Oklahoma State," Goolsby said. "They had more participants camping there so it was harder to be seen. I had great testing numbers there. They were happy with how I did. They thought I moved well for a bigger running back. The running backs coach spoke to me about my injury from last year so he definitely did his research."

Kansas State was the next camp for Goolsby and he received very positive feedback.

"They've been in close contact with me for a while," he mentioned. "I started out competing at running back. By the end of the day the receivers coach was in my ear quite a bit. They're trying to get it figured out now in regards to position. Nothing is guaranteed but my area recruiter thinks things will work out before the summer is over. They like me at receiver right now. They think I can play defensive back, too. It could be only a matter of time before something happens."

The Wichita star has strong connections to the Wildcat program.

"I like them a lot," Goolsby admitted. "They have a great atmosphere around their program. Bill Snyder is a legendary coach. I like the coaching staff there. I and family play there, two cousins, actually. It'd be cool to carry on the family tradition. I've visited there several times."

The final camp of the week took place at Goolsby's high school. The Jayhawks hosted a satellite camp at Bishop Carroll High School in Wichita.

The Kansas camp saw Goolsby walk away with an offer.

"Kansas offered me right after camp," he pointed out. "They hinted at it during the camp. They hadn't been recruiting me too hard beforehand. They asked me when I wanted to commit during the camp because they would have something afterwards that would make me smile. I kind of knew it would happen because of that. My area recruiter was the first person I talked to after the camp ended. He said Coach Weis wanted to talk with me and that they were very impressed."

"Coach Weis said he loved how I looked on film but he had a few questions, still," Goolsby added. "He said by the time the camp was over there was no doubt in his mind that I could play. He didn't have any more questions. He offered me and wants me to visit next week. I'll get out there Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. They hope I know enough about them that I won't camp or visit anywhere else. I'm happy they want me that bad. I'm looking forward to visiting."

Kansas hasn't reached out to Goolsby much but it hasn't hurt their chances with the in-state athlete.

"Kansas had been in contact with me but there's been other schools that have consistently talked to me," he noted. "It all happened so suddenly with them. I'm not taking it as a bad thing. I'm just happy that I did enough to receive that kind of attention and warrant an offer. They're talking to me strictly as a running back."

Goolsby has no preference on position and is focused on coming in and contributing at any position that will help him see the field earlier.

He has no favorites at this point and is still in the early stages of learning about each program.

"Nobody has separated themselves, yet," Goolsby mentioned. "All the schools have different things that they can offer. It's still early in the process for me and I still have a lot more to learn. I can't distinguish any favorites, yet. I'm going to wait to commit. Part of me wants to have my decision before the season starts, though."

Goolsby will camp at Iowa State tomorrow. He'll also visit Kansas next week, followed by a trip to Northern Illinois at the end of July.

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