Henderson waiting to hear from the Spartans

Lakewood (Ohio) St Edward linebacker has his eyes on three, but hoping an offer comes from Michigan State as he plans to make a decision in the near future.

After three straight days getting a chance to perform in front of Michigan State coaches last week, Troy Henderson is hoping for good news.

The Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward's linebacker spent last Thursday and Friday at Sound Mind Sound Body in Detroit before camping at Michigan State on Saturday, where he said things went very well.

"I enjoyed myself and I learned some thing," he said. "I thought I did very well in everything we did."

The 6-foot-1, 215-pound senior has reached out to Michigan State linebackers coach Mike Tressel since the camp, but has yet to hear back. He is hoping the news will be that an offer is coming his way, one that could factor into his recruitment heavily.

"He told me to call him this week and he would have an answer for me," Henderson said. "I'm hoping to hear I get an offer. That would be awesome. I liked Michigan State growing up and it would be a dream school that I've always wanted to go to."

Henderson is hoping to make a decision in the next couple weeks and if an offer from the Spartans doesn't come through, it likely will come down to Syracuse, Cincinnati and Rutgers.

He broke down why he likes each school:

Syracuse: "The education. It's a very high priority. That degree stands out because it's a very good marketing school and that's what I want to go into. I have a good relationship with the linebackers coach. He is a good guy. The head coach, he's an Ohio guy."

Rutgers: "It's in New Jersey and I've got family around New Jersey, in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Boston and I have family in D.C. and Maryland. That would be close to them. If Michigan State doesn't come through, Rutgers would be the only Big Ten school that offered me so I would get a chance to get back at the schools that didn't offer me and make them regret it. I would get to play Michigan State, Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and schools like that every year."

Cincinnati: "That's kind of close to home. It's only about three and a half hours from home. I would be going to school where my parents could come see me play. I've got a good relationship with the coach. He has seen me workout a couple times. A guy I played little league ball with, Shaq Washington, he is a wide receiver. I've got two of my friends from Shaker Heights, a high school by my house, committed to go there on signing day. I have a good relationship with those guys so that is a good reason, too."

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