Kody Wilstead Commits to BYU

Today, Bronco Mendenhall received a commitment from Pine View High School (UT) quarterback Kody Wilstead. Being a LDS quarterback that grew up in the state of Utah, Wilstead felt that BYU had so much to offer that many colleges simply couldn't. It was a college possessing a rich QB tradition, top-notch education, and great football heritage.

Kody Wilstead wanted to commit to BYU yesterday upon his arrival to Provo for BYU's 7-on-7 Competition. Due to some other events happening, Wilstead had to wait to make it official today.

"I was planning on doing it yesterday, but when we got up here they were doing that triathlon thing they do up here," Wilstead said. "Not all the coaches were there, so I wasn't able to commit to them yesterday. When this camp was over we went up and asked if we could talk to them: Coach (Paul) Tidwell, Coach (Robert) Anae, Coach (Jason) Beck, and Coach (Bronco) Mendenhall. Coach Mendenhall asked me what my plans were. I just told him that I was ready to commit."

The Wilstead family met with Coach Mendenhall and his staff in his office. That's when Kody Wilstead made his commitment to BYU official.

"Yeah, Coach Mendenhall was pretty excited," Wilstead said. "Coach Beck, Coach Tidwell, and Coach Anae were also really excited when we were in there. They're not really emotional guys off the field, but after I committed they were cracking smiles and stuff. I could tell they were all pretty excited about it."

The BYU coach responsible for evaluating and recruiting Kody Wilstead was Inside Linebackers Coach Paul Tidwell. Tidwell was the first one to discover, evaluate, and recruit Wilstead's heart to BYU. In the end he was successful.

"Yeah, Coach Tidwell was the one that first started looking at me my freshman year," said Wilstead. "He was the one that stayed on top of me throughout the years and then recruited me when the time came. He's just one of those guys that I can talk to about anything. I'm just really comfortable talking to him about anything. He's a great guy, a great coach, and recruiter. He's just an overall great guy."

Wilstead had scholarship offers from San Diego State, Louisville, Southern Utah, and Weber State. He is also close to getting an offer from Utah State as well, so why did he decide now to commit to BYU with possible offers coming on the horizon?

"I just felt really good about it every time I was there," Wilstead said. "I don't know; there just wasn't really any other college that has what BYU has. I was really excited about it, so I just felt like committing to BYU was the right thing for me to do."

When Wilstead was first offered by BYU, which now runs a dual-threat quarterback system that requires the quarterback to run the ball as well as throw it, he wasn't so sure. At nearly 6'6", 215-pounds, Wilstead is more of a pro-style, drop back-type of a quarterback. With his concerns of a system fit, what was it that pushed him over the edge to pull the trigger on BYU?

"Coach Anae actually talked to me and told me they're going to do balance it [out] and surround their quarterback," Wilstead said. "He said, ‘If we need to change then that's what we will do for our quarterback."

Being willing to change an offensive system to fit the skill-set of the quarterback is quite the compliment. BYU spent a lot of time and energy developing their Go Fast Go Hard system. However, the pro-style system was developed and run at BYU for many years with great success as well. Going back to that system, although elements of the system are currently still in place, wouldn't be anything unfamiliar to the program if a change was needed.

"It's quite the compliment," said Wilstead with a chuckle in his voice. "I wasn't really sure if they initially wanted to change the offense to suit my style, but they told me that they really did want me there badly and that they would do that."

While the initial offer by BYU was exciting for Wilstead, given the fact he is LDS, is a BYU fan, and wants to serve a LDS mission, his heart was tugged back and forth knowing everything about the school was a perfect fit for him. However, there was still some uncertainty how he would fit within the offensive scheme. Once that concern was resolved his commitment was a done deal.

"Yeah, probably," said Wilstead. "I wasn't sure at first about it and had unsure feelings. I was still unsure when I talked to them, but they just kept reassuring me that they would change their offense. They told me they would and eased my concerns. To me it was just a feeling knowing that no other college would change their offense for someone. That was a great compliment to me and I was happy about that."

Wilstead will graduate early in December and serve a two-year LDS mission right afterwards.

"I'm excited but I know that I have to wait two and a half years to get there," Wilstead said. "I'm going to graduate in December and then go straight on my mission."

Stay tuned to TotalBlueSports.com as we will continue to update you throughout this upcoming prep season as Wilstead finishes up his high school career at Pineview High School (St. George, UT).

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