Commitment Q&As: Mollette, Davis, Polino

Juval Mollette, Javarius Davis and Nick Polino all committed at the conclusion of Fedora's Freak Show on Saturday night. Inside Carolina talked to all three about their decisions to become Tar Heels.


When did you make your decision to do this?

"Probably a couple weeks ago."

What was it that ultimately broke the tie with Clemson for you?

"The first week in spring when coaches could come out, Coach Kap and Coach Brewer, they came by and they let me know ‘this is our first stop.' Coach Scott and Coach Caldwell also came by but I lost contact with them. So that helped me lean towards UNC."

Was it mostly Kap and Brewer that recruited you?

"Coach Kap, Coach Brewer, I got a call from Coach Fedora once in a while. And the players that are already committed – Anthony, Andre – all told me to hop on board."

What was your relationship with Kap?

"He's been recruiting me since I was 14 so we've built a pretty strong relationship. So every time I see him he let me know how special I am and that's always a good thing."

What are your thoughts on playing for Brewer?

"It gets me excited because I feel like he can turn me into one of those (NFL) players if I work hard and keep my head on straight. And I know he's not going to sugarcoat things – he's going to give it to me straight."

What made you want to commit here?

"I knew it was going to be hyped. I knew I was going to come out and try to kill everybody. So I knew his was going to be the time."

Did it live up to your expectations?

"Yes, sir. It kind of felt like a game situation, just no pads. Everyone getting hyped."

Who was it that was hitting you up among the commitments?

"I've been in a group message for the past 2-3 weeks with Anthony Ratliff, Andre Smith, Ronnie Harrison, Jalen Dalton and Shy Tuttle. We've been trying to get Jalen and Shy, but Anthony, Andre and Ronnie have been telling me to hop on board. And also I talked to Tommy Hatton not too long ago. I saw all these great players join, so I had to too."

What's your message going to be in trying to recruit those other guys to UNC?

"They're going to come. They're coming. Just give them some time."


How did you come to your decision tonight?

God led my decision to where this was the place I wanted to be.

Yesterday you released a Top 10 list. Was this something you expected to do?

No, it just happened, I felt like this was the place I needed to be. Felt like home. I love the coaching staff, the environment is great. I can come in and play early. I love the players, they showed great love to me. And it's a great education that my mom loves too.

What was it ultimately about UNC?

It was the right decision for me as a player. I had big offers and everyone wants to go to big schools but I felt this was the place for me to come play. And, like I said, the coaching staff was amazing. I just felt the vibe here.

What was it like working with your lead recruiter and future secondary coach in Coach Disch?

It was great, and I'll be working with him for the next four years and then hopefully going on to the NFL -- and, if not, then just be successful.

How was Coach Disch as a recruiter?

I've been talking to Coach Disch since the end of my ninth grade year. So I know he wants me. The whole staff showed mad love. I talked to them every week. They showed me that this was the place to be.

You're being recruited as a cornerback, what made you want to be a part of this defense?

I love the defense that he runs – man, press, get up on them. And I can come here and compete and play early.

How was the Freak Show experience for you?

It was great competing with my teammates and it got me better as a player.

How firm is this commitment? Will you take any other visits?

Not at the moment, but who knows what's going to happen. This is a verbal commitment.


What happened tonight?

"They were one of the offers I was waiting on, so I decided to go through spring, and I ended up landing it. Came up here, saw everything I needed to see, heard everything I needed to hear. I liked it so I decided to pull the trigger.

Did you know you were going to commit there at the end of the Freak Show?

"I decided earlier that I was going to do it after the camp. But they did the whole commitment thing and so I decided ‘now should be the time.'"

Why was UNC an offer you were waiting on?

"I'd always heard about it and my friend's dad – Buddy Curry – played here and loved it. I'd heard nothing but good things about it. So I always wanted to get up here. Then I saw it and loved it."

Can you talk about your relationship with Coach Kapilovic and how that factored into this?

"He just seems like a great guy. That's one of the main reasons I came up here. I couldn't compete because of a hip flexor issue, but I watched Coach Kap coach and seemed like a good guy that I wouldn't mind play under."

How did the Buford guys on UNC's roster – Nathan Staub and Mikey Bart - factor into your decision?

"That was a huge part. I've got two guys that have already been like my older brothers in high school and now I can have the same thing in college."

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