George Explains Miami Commitment

Hutchinson (KS) CC linebacker Claude George informed that he had committed to Miami a short time ago. He explains his choice.

Hutchinson CC linebacker Claude George was on the Hurricanes' campus in Miami the past two days. It was the first official visit he has taken for his process, and it very well could be his last.

One of the nation's top junior college linebackers, George confirmed to Scout a short time ago that he has made his verbal pledge to the Hurricanes.

"It feels great," he said. "The stress is off my back. I'm able to just focus on my season now. Once I was there to see everything for myself, I was convinced. On the last day I pretty much had it locked in my mind what I was going to do. I just needed to return home and speak to my dad about it before I went ahead and made my commitment."

"He's real excited, too," George added. "We've always been fans of Miami. It's also nice that it's in the southeast. I'm originally from Louisiana so that's cool."

Not only were George and his father excited, but he gave a big boost to the coaching staff in Coral Gables as well.

"The coaches were so pumped," George told Scout. "They were surprised. I kept it a secret from them. I sent them all a picture in a group message and that's how I told them I was committed. I got on the phone with them afterwards."

George spoke about the high points of his visit to the Miami campus and what his favorite parts were.

"A couple things blew me away," he pointed out. "The atmosphere of the place was awesome. It's a beautiful place and has beautiful scenery. The coaches were great to me. I have a great relationship with all of the coaches, even Al Golden. The players were great, and they treated me like family."

"The support the program has is unreal, too," George continued. "Everybody loved them. Everybody wants them to win. the support they get from the city and rest of campus is crazy."

He revealed what his biggest takeaway from the trip was, and what he will look back on as being the key part of his official visit.

"Watching film with the coaches was instrumental," George noted. "They were showing me what I would be doing, where I would be, and on what downs. They want me to play inside linebacker on earlier downs. On third down, fourth down, and in passing situations I'll be rushing the quarterback."

"It's not a surprise to me but it was great to see it first-hand. I knew about it before. It's fine with me. I can do either one. It won't be a hard thing for me to transition to."

George had also considered taking an official visit to Iowa State previously and had one scheduled for Washington on July 28. At this time, George is a solid commit and those visits are being canceled.

"As of now, those other visits are off," he confirmed. "I won't be taking any other visits at this point. I'm 100 percent committed right now."

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