Rigg Talks Spartans Camp Experience

Having hit several camps this summer, Justin Rigg came away positive about his camp experience and the interest shown by Michigan State.

As one of the top tight end programs in college football, 6-foot-6, 230-pound tight end prospect Justin Rigg knows an offer from Michigan State could be the one he's looking for.

Rigg talked about his recent camp experience with the Spartans.

"I think it was a pretty good day at Michigan State," said Rigg. "I started off pretty sore, but as the day went on I loosened up and felt I had a pretty good day there."

Spartans tight end coach Jim Bollman gave Rigg the impression he's a prospect they will be watching going forward.

"Coach Bollman kept telling me how he knows how I can play the game," he said. "He also said he felt I'm a good athlete."

What would an offer from the Big Ten and Rose Bowl Champions mean to Rigg?

"It would be pretty great to get an offer from them," he said. "I loved it up there and really liked their campus and thought their stadium and facilities were pretty cool."

Before leaving main recruiter Harlon Barnett stressed he'd be keeping an eye on Rigg going forward.

"Coach Barnett said he'll be keeping up to date with me," Rigg continued. "I also hope to go back up in the fall for a game."

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