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4-Star tight end Will Gragg, who recently transferred schools, will cut his list to six at The Opening in July. Adding to the intrigue, three new schools have entered the mix for his services.

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Gragg has been busy this summer trying to adjust to his new teammates at Dumas, Ark.

"It's been going good," Gragg said. "Our family has been just trying to get moved into this new house. I never knew it took so long to get everything moved in. I switched schools to Dumas so I've been working out with my new teammates."

The transition is in the beginning stages.

"We've worked out a few times together, but really, I've been spending most of my time helping my family around the new house. But the transition has been smooth, to tell you the truth. They like to sling the ball around here a lot. At Pine Bluff, we would rush the ball 300 yards a game. Here we pass it for 300 yards a game. They like to spread it around a lot so I'm liking it."

The 6' 4", 250-pound tight end has been working on a few of his skills to get adjusted for the new passing attack.

"I've always been able to catch the ball, but right now I'm working on sticking it with my routes and getting separation from the linebackers and safeties. I'm just doing a lot of individual drills to help my speed and quickness."

Moving has taken most of his time away from recruiting but he did get a chance to stop by one camp this summer.

"I went to Arkansas' camp, but I didn't do too much. I'm probably going to Alabama's camp in July, but right now I'm training for The Opening."

"I want to take all of my official visits first and then make a decision. That's the plan, but you never know, things can always change."

The Opening starts competition on July 7 in Eugene, Ore.. Gragg is out there to show who the best tight end is in the country.

"I just want to show everyone who the best tight end in the country is at The Opening. I feel like I'm going to do it. I want to show everyone that I'm the truth. Nothing against the rest of the guys who will be there, but I don't think there is anyone who plays my position who is better."

Gragg's home state college, Arkansas, has committed two tight ends as of late, but that doesn't mean that the Razorbacks have fallen down his pecking order.

"That doesn't affect them at all. I know wherever I go they'll have other tight ends committed or have other good tight ends on the squad. Shoot, Hale Hentges committed to Alabama. I feel like I'm the best tight end out there so that doesn't make me look at Arkansas any differently that they committed C.J. O'Grady and Austin Cantrell. Not at all."

The 2013 All-State selection still has four official visits set.

"Yes, I'm taking official visits to Ole Miss on October 3rd when they play Alabama, LSU on November 8th when they play Alabama, Texas on September 6th when they play BYU, and I'm going to Alabama when they play Texas A&M on October 18th."

It looks like these four schools will most likely make the cut when he narrows the list down to six on July 6th.

"I don't want to give anything away when I announce my cut on July 6th at The Opening but you could probably read into that."

What have the Hawgs said about their situation with them now having two tight ends committed?

"They told me if I'm ready to commit the door is open. They said that door will be open all the way until signing day. They're saving me a spot no matter what."

What is going on with Ole Miss these days?

"Oh man, I still talk to coach (Maurice) Harris two to three times a week. Things have never been better. I feel like Ole Miss is right where I want them to be. It's all good, 100%."

And Alabama?

"I have constant contact with them too. I'm just building relationships with coach (Bobby) Williams and coach (Billy) Napier. But lately I've been talking to coach (Lane) Kiffin a lot. I talked to him a couple times right when he got hired but now it's consistent. Lately he's the one I've been talking to the most at Alabama. He just goes over their offense and tells me how I'd be used if I went there."

Texas jumped into the picture this spring.

"I haven't been down there since spring break, but I want to get down there again before the end of the summer. I really like coach (Charlie) Strong. I like the way he's doing things down there. I like him a lot."

A trio of new schools has come into the picture, too.

"Louisville is one. I like what they've been doing down there. They're a pass-happy offense, and you know that excites me. Southern Cal and Oregon have also been catching my eye lately. I just like how USC is doing things out there. They have a good recruiting class coming in, and they're showing me strong interest. Oregon offered me in the spring, and they sent a coach down here to come watch me practice. I've really been talking to them a lot lately. They like me a lot and the interest is mutual."

Gragg is set to graduate in December but a decision will not be coming anytime soon.

"I want to take all of my official visits first and then make a decision. That's the plan, but you never know, things can always change."

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