Three of Six

Alex Givens out of Nashville, Tenn., has made a couple trips this summer to check out two of his favorites. The 6' 6" tackle will probably take a couple more before possibly making a decision before school starts.

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"We just got back from a long vacation from Daytona," Givens said. "We came back and went to Wisconsin for a family reunion and then we stopped by Ohio State for the weekend."

The Buckeyes offered Alex late in the spring after evaluating one of his practices. Alex Givens and his family wanted to get to know the Ohio State coaches and campus more on a personal level.

"I spent a lot of time with coach (Urban) Myers. It was fun. It was a good visit to go on. They are still in it. I love their coaches. It was good to meet a bunch of their players. I got a chance to see where they live and things like that. I watched them workout to get familiar with their workouts. I spent a lot of time with their players too."

Ohio State had something unique that stood out the most.

"I liked the Real Life Wednesday Program. That really stood out. It prepares you for life after football. They get hundreds of businesses there at one time. You exchange cards and email them through the yearse. It creates job opportunities for you throughout your life. I made a lot of great contacts that day."

Purdue and Louisville also offered this summer. He already held scholarships from Miami, Ohio State, Nebraska, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vandy, Virginia and several more. Six look to be in focus.

"I narrowed it down to six schools recently. They are Ohio State, Vandy, Tennessee, Nebraska, Ole Miss, and Miami. Ole Miss is my leader right now. I would put Vandy in second and Ohio State third. Those are my top three schools. I would have Tennessee probably in fourth and Miami and Nebraska after that. I really liked talking to the Miami and Nebraska coaches when they came to our school, but it is so far from home. I have not visited them yet, but I might take an official visit to those two schools to see what it is like. I would like to stay a little closer to home, but I really like their coaches."

"The main reason I picked those three is because of their depth chart."

The Rebels have held the lead for a a few months now.

"Definitely their coaches make me feel welcomed when I am down there. It just feels like a family atmosphere at Ole Miss. I just like everything about it down there. I like their coaches, players and their campus. It is just a good overall place. I had a chance to go back down there last month. I got to hang out with their coaches and watch the players work out. I spent all day with their coaches. We watched a lot of film. I stayed with Ben Still that night and hung out with a lot of their players. I fit in good with those guys. Ben is trying to get me to come back down there again soon to come stay with him and just hang out with the guys. They make me feel like I am already apart of their program."

Vandy is obviously the hometown school.

"They are probably in second right now because I like their coaches a lot and it is definitely the closest school to home. I plan on taking a visit there after the dead period is over on July 13th so I can hang out with their players. I am looking forward to that."'s #81 rated offensive tackle is also familiar with the Tennessee program..

"I have a lot of friends who go there too. I like their coaches too. I have not been back since Jr Day, but I was talking to coach (Butch) Jones recently, and he wants me to come back up there to hang with him. I like that area, and I like their coaches."

Alex is still not quite sure when he will make a decision but he does have a goal in mind.

"I was thinking about doing it at the end of the summer, but I am not sure about that yet. It just all depends."

The depth chart will play a major role in his decision.

"Ohio State, Ole Miss, and Vandy need more tackles. That is a big part of my decision. I don't want to sit around a couple years and have five others ahead of me. I want to be put in the best academic, athletic, and spiritual environment I can be in. I think all three of those schools provide that. Really all six do, but the main reason I picked those three is because of their depth chart."

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