Top 3 for Baker

With less than a week until his commitment date, Cleveland (Ohio) Benedictine linebacker Jerome Baker has narrowed his list down to three.

In the middle of June, Cleveland (Ohio) Benedictine linebacker Jerome Baker narrowed his list down to Florida, Florida State, Miami, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State and Tennessee. With an announcement date set for July 11th, the rising senior has narrowed his list down to three schools: Florida, Ohio State and Tennessee.

“When I went to those schools, they were the ones where I could see myself playing,” said Baker.

Florida: “I like how it fits my personality. That’s something that I really enjoyed. It’s really laid-back, it’s about your business and having fun. It really fits me and I really fell in love with the place. I visited them over Spring Break. The whole place was different. The weather was different, the people were different. It was just a different feel. You can just feel that it is a different culture down there being in the SEC and down South. It was a great experience.”

Ohio State: “They’re the home school. That’s what I love about them, it’s like home. My family, my friends, pretty much everyone I knows goes to Ohio State. It’s a homey feel. I last visited them in February.”

Tennessee: “I like the family-feel. Me being new there, they really just let me fit right in. I fit in with the players, coaches, pretty much the whole state of Tennessee. It’s pretty fun. I visited them over Spring Break.”

With two schools in the SEC, does the power conference have a bit of an edge?

“Yeah, it’s definitely harder competition. The SEC has a little nudge on that, but there’s great football in both conferences,” he said.

Being in the South means being farther away from home; however, Baker says that distance is not a factor for him.

“I don’t really have any problem going anywhere far,” said Baker.

In the end, when it comes to making his decision, Baker says it will all be about comfort level.

“I want to go where I feel comfortable. Whatever school I choose, I have to be able to see myself going there for four years and getting a great education,” he said.

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