The Hawaii "Freak List"

High school football continues to get better and better in Hawaii and the athletes continue to get bigger, faster, and stronger. Here is a list of a few of the most impressive prospects...

Hawaii has a few prospects that look like they would be ready to compete in the NFL combine. The Islands always breeds some of the strongest linemen recruits, but the class of 2015 yields strength to go along with great athleticism and skill. 2015 could be a banner year for Hawaii high school football.

Get These Guys To The Combine Already

Breiden Fehoko: At 6-3 290 pounds, there is not a single high school football prospect that has strength to rival Fehoko. The Farrington defensive tackle has numbers that would have placed amongst the top at the 2014 NFL combine. Fehoko's 37 reps of 225 on the bench press is well documented. Additionally, Fehoko claims a max bench of 485, he can squat 625, and power cleans 305 lbs. Despite being so strong, he is also incredibly athletic. Fehoko runs a 4.9 40 and can dunk a basketball with ease at 290 pounds. As a junior, he wracked up 24.5 sacks and 12 forced fumbles. Texas Tech certainly has one of the biggest freaks in the class of 2015 heading their way next year.

Fred Ulu-Perry: Ulu-Perry has dealt with the scouting report that he is "too small". He is already around the size of Jeff Saturday, Roberto Garza, and about 1/4 of the centers starting in the NFL. Those who passed on Ulu-Perry may be kicking themselves when he turns out to be a top notch interior linemen. Like Fehoko, Ulu-Perry has elite strength. He has repped 225 lbs 26x and has a max bench press of 370 pounds. He has a lower body that is similar to a tree trunk, and squats 495 pounds. At The Opening, Fred Ulu-Perry was about as dominant as anyone, destroying opponents during 1 on 1's. Despite his fire hydrant-like physique, Ulu-Perry moves really well and is actually a good basketball player and participates in track & field.

Canton Kaumatule: When discussing "freaks" as it pertains to a football player, the word may not fully do justice for Kaumatule. Mutant may be more fitting for him, as he looks like something created in a comic book or super hero movie. At 6-6 270 pounds, the Punahou standout is college ready and has everything an NFL scout would look for in a defensive end. The length, size, motor, and athleticism are all there. Whatever defensive coordinator gets to coach Kaumatule for 3-4 years is going to feel like he won the lottery.

Semisi Uluave: Uluave can do it all on the offensive line. At 6-5 320 pounds, he has good foot work, quickness, and great power. His max bench is 395, he squats 500, and can clean & jerk 285 lbs. Uluave can play every position on the line and is the type of player offensive line coaches want to have 5 of. I don't think there are many schools that wouldn't get better with a freak like Uluave on their O Line.

(Semisi Uluave)

Keep An Eye On...

Dylan Kane: At 6-3 190 pounds, Kane has freakish length and athleticism. He ran a 4.03 shuttle time and put up a SPARQ score of 110. Everyone watched the "Legion of Boom" dominate the NFL, now people are chasing the trend started by the Seattle Seahawks. Kane fits that mold very well. He is the best skilled player in Hawaii for the class of 2015.

Hirkley Latu: Everything I wrote for Kane applies for Latu. The 2016 S/CB prospect out of Kahuku has a lot of upside. He has a wingspan that looks like Rajon Rondo's, and he uses it to his advantage. At the All-Poly Camp in Utah, Latu was a force at cornerback and ended up walking away with the MVP award. At 6-3 200 pounds, Latu's has potential to be special.

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