Alexander Planning Weekend Visit to the Flats

Jacksonville, Florida middle linebacker Victor Alexander gave an early verbal to UCLA. Alexander recently toured some schools with his teammates and he is now getting ready to visit another school of interest with his family.

Profile - Victor Alexander

His team’s coordinators took Victor and his teammates on a tour of seven schools. The one school that stood out to Victor was Notre Dame. “The head coach met us as we were getting off the bus and shook each one of our hands and introduced himself to us. He was really into the recruiting part of his job."

Georgia Tech was one of the schools that Alexander and his teammates were supposed to visit on the tour. "We were supposed to go to Georgia Tech but we couldn't get over there on time.”

Victor and his family will be visiting Georgia Tech this weekend. “I really want to learn more about the program. I know they have a great reputation and history with their engineering program.” Alexander wants to major in Civil Engineering and knowing how valuable that degree would be is a big deal to him.

When he visits this weekend, Victor will be catching up with former teammate and Georgia Tech corner Lynn Griffin as well as his friend Tech corner Step Durham. “Lynn and I talk a lot and he has said that Georgia Tech is a great place and I would be a great fit for the school and the football program.”

All that has Alexander interested in Georgia Tech. “I love the curriculum. You look at how successful their graduates are. You have to be impressed with how Georgia Tech can prepare you for life.” Victor and his family will arrive in Atlanta Friday and return home either Saturday night or Sunday. “We want to experience everything Georgia Tech can show us."

Heading into the visit at Tech, Victor has a top five that includes Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, UCLA, Utah, and Virginia Tech. “It sounds strange putting Utah in there but they have really recruited me hard and you have to like that.”

Alexander plans to announce his college choice the week before signing day. “That is my plan at this time."

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