Q&A: Bradley Marquez

RaiderPower.com caught up with Texas Tech senior receiver Bradley Marquez at Monday's Big 12 Football Media Days in Dallas, TX. Marquez dished on several topics such as his move to inside receiver, the receiver corps as a whole, Davis Webb's progression, the coaching staff and more.

First off, how are they treating you up here

Marquez: Good. It's been a lot of fun. It's kind of a circus with everybody, but it's a lot of fun to come up here.

What have you been doing when you're not having to to do the media stuff, talk to us.

Marquez: I'm drinking a lot of water...


Marquez: But we have also gotten to interview each other so that's been pretty fun.

Really? Who did you interview? What was your best question to Slugg or Kenny?

Marquez: I asked Slugg, he was asked earlier about who his perfect woman was.

Uh oh.

Marquez: But I told him he didn't have one.


Marquez: So I said 'are you still looking or what?' But that was pretty funny.

Haha. That's good stuff. I wanted to ask you, well the obvious question, about moving to inside receiver and what the transition has been like? Actually, has it been much of a transition for you?

Marquez: Right. The difference between outside and inside, I think the biggest thing is at outside you are going to go against a corner pretty much every down of the game; you are going to block them, you are going to run routes off them. At inside receiver you are going o have to block safeties, you are going to have to block linebackers, your going to have to block nickels, you're going to have to run routes off of them. You know there's a little bit more space to run routes, whereas the outside is more, I guess man coverage. I think the biggest thing is just the blocking aspect of it, you know you are really involved in the run game now, whereas outside receiver, you know, it's not as much a factor.

You know, a lot has been made of you replacing Jace Amaro, but how might the coaching staff use you differently with your skill set as opposed to Amaro?

Marquez: Definitely I have to be used differently because I am not 6-foot-6, 260 pounds like he is. We don't have a lot of those guys walking around our city either. With his departure all I can do is go in there and do the best that I can with the abilities I have. I feel like my speed is probably one of the bigger aspects that are differences between me and Jace. We have a lot of speed at receiver in general that I feel like we are going to be able to do a lot of things that we may not have been able to do last year.

That's been a recurring theme. Coach mentioned earlier the whole receiving corps seems faster. You have seen a couple of groups here now, other than speed, what does this group bring to the table?

Marquez: I would say playmaking ability. We have guys that can catch the ball at five yards and take it to the house for 60. I think that's the biggest thing. We have guys that can make plays, and you know, blow the top off. It's just one of those things now that we have somebody that anytime they get the hands on the ball they can take it to the house. It's going to be exciting to watch.

Davis Webb looked like he had a great spring and obviously he got bigger. Talk about his progression so far and how he has come up.

Marquez: He's been great. He's had to face a lot of adversity and all the accolades he's received, he's deserve because all his hard work and everything he puts into his game. He may not have been the starter in all the games last year, but he still put in the work as if he was a starter and you know the Holiday Bowl was just the culmination of him putting that all together. He deserved everything and I think that was just the beginning for Davis Webb. I think he will have a great career and he'll be a household name by season's end.

What about this home schedule. Much has been made about this crazy home schedule with UT, OU, Arkansas and even West Virginia. How do you feel about it as a player?

Marquez: We're excited about it just for the fact that we get to play in front of a sellout crowd each and every week now. We sold out so and having those people come into town, we like to make it tough for them in the Jones. Obviously, everybody wants a home field advantage and I feel like the Jones definitely brings that. Or fans are wild and they definitely give us the added boost we need, so we're excited about that.

What do you have to do to break through over the eight win plateau? This is a broad question, but to get up to nine or ten wins what does this team have to do?

Marquez: We just have to be more consistent. We cannot go on a five-game stretch each and every week. We have t find something to do differently to change that outcome and we have to do it a lot quicker than we did this past year. I just think consistency is the biggest thing for us.

A lot has been made about coach Kingsbury and most of the staff being young and enthusiastic. How much is that real or just media driven? Does that come through every week in practice when you are grinding?

Marquez: Oh, absolutely. I mean most of our coaches are not too far removed from playing at our practice field and at the Jones Stadium themselves so they're excited. They bring that. They know what we are going through each and every day in the grind of fall camp and a season, so they definitely know how to adjust that. I think just being relatable to our players on and off the field (is a big deal). I mean it is definitely not just media generated. Those guys are great coaches and I think the biggest thing is they can just relate to us and that is big for us.

I really appreciate your time.

Marquez: Thank you.

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