Commit staying focused

Arizona commit Finton Connolly is staying focused on his future. Read on to see what that means and more.

Gilbert (Ariz.) Campo Verde 2015 defensive tackle Finton Connolly opened up a lot of eyes over the course of the past season and he continued his strong play this summer.

“I just got back from a team camp in Prescott,” Connolly said. “I heard some good stuff about my play.

"It was also good to get away for a little bit, but at the same time it was a team bonding experience. It’s nice to just be able to focus on getting better.”

The reason Connolly can focus on the upcoming season is because he has already committed to his dream school.

“It was a great feeling to get that out of the way," he said. "I wanted to find a place where I felt like I was part of a family and a bigger vision.

"I found all that and more at Arizona. They always tell me they want hard edge guys. Basically, players who will do what it takes to win, guys who will stay in the weight room a little longer, guys who will run a few extra sprints.

“I get a major kick out of working out when nobody is watching and I think that made me a guy that the coaches like.”

It also helps that Connolly plays a position that the UA team isn't packed full with talent.

“They’re looking to get bigger on both lines and they said they want big guys like me who can take up blockers so that others can make plays," he said.

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