Commitment Analysis; WR John Burt takes a closer at the commitment of Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln High School class of 2015 wide receiver John Burt to Texas. The 6-foot-4 and 190-pound rising senior also considered Auburn, Florida State and Miami before choosing the Longhorns.

Offers: Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Miami (Fla.) and Texas

Committed To: Texas

What to Like

There is certainly a lot more to like about Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln High School wide receiver John Burt. The rising senior has great size, long arms and big hands at 6-foot-4 and 185-pounds. Burt is also extremely fast and has the speed to put six points on the board anytime the ball is in his hands. Burt creates size and speed mismatches against virtually every opposing player he faces at the high school level. On his junior highlight tape Burt demonstrated sure hands. He is very good at high-pointing the ball no matter where he is on the field. Burt is also good at coming back for under thrown passes particularly on routes run deep downfield. Most of the time the young receiver does a good job of catching the ball with his hands extended away from his body. He also does a great job of using his long arms to ward off defenders from making tackles in particular on "NOW" passes and wide receiver screens which allows him to pick up yards after the catch in chunks. Burt is also a dangerous and exciting to watch when returning punts and kickoffs, consistently running away from would-be tacklers often crossing the entire width of the field before turning up field with the ball for big gains, flipping the field position for his team. Burt shows great concentration on the ball as both a wide receiver and punt return man. The lanky wide receiver gets to full speed quickly despite being a long-strider. Burt does an excellent job of creating space from defensive backs with both his speed and his size. He has also shown the ability to recognize zone coverage and find an open spot to sit in and allow his quarterback a safe throw.

Questions and Areas for Improvement

Like all high school players Burt certainly has some technical things to improve on. Although he doesn't see too much press coverage Burt will need to get stronger and better at getting off jams at the line of scrimmage. Does he possess the concentration and toughness to catch passes across the middle of the defense especially on underneath routes at the linebacker level? On tape the closet Burt gets to running across the middle is when he lines up as the outside receiver and comes underneath the inside receiver on tunnel-screens. Not unlike all high school wide receivers Burt also must improve his route running skills. The other things you don't see on tape is his ability to block something he will be asked to do in college no matter what style of offense he plays in.


Burt’s commitment to the Longhorns certainly shows the new Texas head football coach Charlie Strong hasn’t lost his touch in recruiting the state of Florida. Securing Burt’s pledge over the hometown Seminoles is huge given the fact that Florida State is the defending national champion. The sky is the limited for Burt as far as his college potential. He has a rare combination of size and speed and can run with and by almost anyone asked to cover him. Burt will continue to present match-up problems at the college level because of his physical attributes although he will face faster and stronger defenders. Burt can take the top of the defense and stretch the field vertically. He is a threat to score any time he touches the ball at wide receiver or as a punt returner. Burt is a mismatch in the red zone because of his size and leaping ability. He will also be a friendly third-down target for his quarterbacks for the same reasons. Burt was under-utilized as a sophomore and junior in my opinion handling the ball just 48 times on plays from the line of scrimmage in 23 games. I expect Burt will be given more opportunities with the football in 2014 and we will be better known for his production as a football player more so than his raw athletic ability. The lanky receiver possesses the potential and ability to be a big-time play maker and the great thing for Texas is that Burt's best football is still ahead of him.

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