Daily Dr. Roto - Tuesday, July 29

Are the days of drafting a running back in the first two rounds extinct? Dr. Roto appreciates the safety in selecting in two stud WRs to begin a draft.


Back in a PPR

Later on today, my first set of WR Rankings (1 to 25) will be posted. No longer is it just Calvin Johnson and then a bunch of third- and fourth-round players. Recently, wide receivers have become way more valuable in Fantasy leagues. It is all because of three letters -- PPR.

PPR stands for Point Per Reception. It is a game-changer in many leagues. Not only does PPR help the top WRs be even better; it also helps running backs who catch the ball out of the backfield. Chargers RB Danny Woodhead is a prime example of being a beneficiary of a PPR format.

Woodhead without PPR
Five rushes for 26 yards -- 2.6 points
Four catches for 22 yards -- 2.2 points
Total points: 4.8

Woodhead with PPR
Five rushes for 26 yards -- 2.6 points
Four catches for 22 yards -- 6.2 points
Total points: 8.8

As you can see, Woodhead becomes way more valuable to Fantasy owners in a PPR league.

Now just imagine how it affects the top WRs. Demaryius Thomas will get close to 100 catches or more this year. In a PPR format that is the same as his getting 100 free points before including receiving yards and TDs.

Gone are the days of taking two RBs in the first two round of a Fantasy draft. If I am playing in a PPR format, I am looking long and hard at taking two WRs in the first two rounds. In fact, I think it might just be the way to win most high-stakes leagues this year.

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