Mayden Enjoys Ohio State

Five-star 2016 Sachse (TX) cornerback Jared Mayden camped at Ohio State for Friday Night Lights and came away very impressed with the program.

Five-star cornerback Jared Mayden is one of the top prospects in the Midlands region for the 2016 class. He's taken many visits already, and was recently in Columbus for Ohio State'S Friday Night Lights camp.

The time with Chris Ash impressed him quite a bit.

"It was a real good visit," Mayden said. "I was able to be in Coach Ash's group. It was good to work with him and see how he operates. I can see myself playing for him. I like how he instructs. I like the way he teaches. I really enjoyed it. He was assertive, but didn't yell. He was intense, too, and wasn't just going through the motions. He was demanding and knowledgeable, but didn't jump all over you."

"The camp was mostly about the experience and knowing what it would be like playing for him," he added about Ash. "I learned some things from him that I can take back with me to improve my game and also help out my teammates to make us a better squad."

Mayden explained what made his Ohio State visit stand out, and how it was different in comparison to the other schools he's been to.

"Ohio State was very different because of how they ran their camp," he stressed. "It was so intense and pretty difficult. They made it a challenge. That was the only camp that was physically demanding for me. As far as camps go that I've ever attended, that was the most intense workout I've ever been in. They really brought out the best in me."

"Outside of the camp, it was just a normal visit," Mayden continued. "They showed me a lot of the same stuff you are able to see at all of the top schools. Ohio State focused a bit more on their tradition, though. They had so many references to beating "the team up north", which is Michigan. It was a pretty big campus and it was beautiful."

The five-star junior and his mother also were able to hear some perspective from current Ohio State players.

"I hung out with Vonn Bell for quite a bit," Mayden pointed out. "He's an out-of-state guy too and really took me in under his wing. He's an example of somebody that lived far away and is getting along very well there. I know Dontre Wilson pretty well, and our families are close. He was at the camp, but he hung out in the stands the whole time with my mother. She was impressed by him and how much bigger he was. He was letting her know that guys from Texas can leave for Ohio State and be in good hands."

The Buckeyes improved their standing with Mayden and could host him on a visit during the season.

"My opinion on Ohio State changed because I was able to see it," he admitted. "You don't get to really understand a school and learn about them until you get there. It was definitely different, and I'm hoping to be back for a game in the Fall. I'm going to do everything I can to make it back when they play Michigan. They'll probably be in it until the end for me. It's a good school and this visit helped their chances out a lot."

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