Two Schools After Garrett

2016 Kearney (MO) linebacker Cale Garrett has already been offered by Kansas, but Missouri has picked up their interest in the junior star as well.

One of the top prospects in Missouri for the 2016 class is Kearney linebacker Cale Garrett. He's one of the first prospects in the state to add an offer after the Jayhawks extended one his way after a camp in June.

Missouri has also shown interest in Garrett and a visit could be set up in the near future.

"I'm in the process of setting up a visit to Missouri," he said. "Coach Hill wants to get me out there. We're working on a date now. They'd like to have me in to watch a practice during Fall camp if at all possible. I've always been in contact with Coach Hill. They seem more interested and want me on campus more now."

A visit to Kansas is possible as well.

"I've spoken to Coach Bowen a few times since they offered me," Garrett noted. "We're looking at our calendars to check when a good day would be to visit. I'm looking to visit for a game. They'd like me to visit for football and basketball games this year."

He spoke about his interest in both the Tigers and Jayhawks.

"I love the coaches at Missouri," Garrett explained. "I have a great relationship with Coach Hill. He's a great guy. They've had a lot of success and finished well in the SEC. They're proud of what they have done. I like the linebackers coach a lot, too."

"I really like Coach Weis," Garrett added about Kansas. "His resume speaks for itself. He's had a lot of success everywhere he has been. He's coached for a while at multiple levels of football. I think he has great wisdom to share. I'm a big believer in what Coach Weis is doing. The results haven't showed yet, but if anyone can turn them around it's him. I really like Coach Bowen, and he always encourages me to be great. He tries to make me a better player and person."

Garrett has received pull from both directions of the rivalry between Missouri and Kansas and shared how that has been.

"My mother grew up in Kansas and she likes the Jayhawks a lot," he admitted. "She has a great opinion of them and relays that to me. A lot of my friends give Missouri high praise. I never grew up liking one over the other. As of right now, Kansas has offered me so I'm more intrigued by them. It's a great option to have. I don't have my mind set on any one school yet and I'll consider any school that offers me."

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