Jackson Poised For Monster Year

Four-star quarterback Lamar Jackson is poised to have a huge senior season

Boynton Beach (Fla.) standout quarterback Lamar Jackson is poised to have a huge senior season. He led his team to the playoffs last season but they lost to Miami Central in the first round. It was still a great learning experience for Jackson and his teammates, according to his coach Rick Swain.

"We learned that we are not were we need to be," Swain said. "We realized that we need to play with more of a mental attitude and that game gave us an idea of what it takes. I now we are much more confident now."

Jackson, 6-foot-2, 202-pounds, is a true dual threat signal caller. At Boynton Beach, they run a pistol veer spread attack. This scheme is perfectly suited for the speedy and talented Jackson. There's no doubt he excels at running the zone read. No one in Florida does it better. What's scary is that Jackson is learning how to throw the football.

"People don't realize until you see him what a super strong arm he actually has," Swain said. "Now his accuracy has really improved. The other day he went 12/12 in practice against my defense. Last year he couldn't go 12/12 against air. Now he has a great knowledge of our offense, as does everyone. He's going to be tough to deal with, as will this offense. It's a triple option offense on every play."

In the right scheme Jackson should have a promising college future as a quarterback. And the teams he is showing very strong interest in all run offenses that are very condusive to his skill set.

"Lamar really likes West Virginia, Clemson and Auburn," Swain said. "I know he loved his trip to Nebraska and he loves their offense. Of course he really likes Louisville, especially with having Lamar Thomas there [Swain coached Thomas]. I also think Arizona would be a great place for him... in Rich Rod's offense. Right now I do believe that he's wide open."

So far Jackson has visited Nebraska, Auburn, Florida State and UCF. It appears, at least at this point and time, that the Knights are the only in-state school that Jackson is considering.

"He does like UCF and some of the stuff they run," Swain said. "I would prefer my guys to stay in-state. I always have. But it may not work out that way with him. And I think he wants to leave the state."

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