Florida WRs: 15 in '15

Here's a look at the top 15 wide receiver prospects from Florida in the 2015 class.

Florida QBs: 15 in ‘15
Florida RBs: 15 in ‘15

This class is led by Calvin Ridley, Deon Cain and George Campbell. It's deep and very talented. All 15 recruits rank among the top 66 wideouts in the country. And there are some very good players left off this list.

1) Calvin Ridley (Coconut Creek Monarch)
No. 2 WR in nation
Ridley is an amazing five-star talent from south Florida. He is so talented and athletic and projects as an instant impact guy on both sides of the ball at wide receiver and cornerback. I firmly believe that this kid has to have to ball in his hands. Ridley is not the biggest cat in the world but he has tremendous game speed, deep speed and shows the ability to separate from anyone. I saw him at a handful of events this spring and summer and there wasn’t one cornerback I saw that could hang with him. Best of all are his ball skills. Ridley possesses super hands and catching the football comes so natural to him. While he’s committed to the Crimson Tide he’s still visiting and has tripped to Ohio State, FSU and Miami of late.
Committed to Alabama

2) Deon Cain (Tampa Bay Tech)
No. 5 WR in nation
Cain is one of the more amazing stories of this position in this class. He’s rated here because he couldn’t beat out quarterback Deiondre Porter last spring on the Unsigned Preps 7v7 team. So he switched to wide receiver. He stars at quarterback for his high school team and the only time he plays and practices at the wide receiver position was over the past two off-seasons. The transformation is surreal. Cain is a natural. He’s so smooth and effortless. Cain looks like he has played wide receiver his entire life. Can you imagine what he will do in the Tigers spread attack once he commits to the position full time? Oh my!
Committed to Clemson

3) George Campbell (Tarpon Springs East Lake)
No. 8 WR in nation
A year ago Campbell was the state’s top wide receiver. He has great size and true 4.4 speed. The issue with Campbell is inconsistent hands. That’s a problem if you want to be a five-star wide receiver. He drops too many easy passes. It’s perplexing because this is a great kid who’s a great athlete. But you also see him making some ridiculously difficult grabs. Like I have said before, he’s an enigma. If he becomes consistent with his hands there’s no telling how good Campbell can become. If things don’t work out at wide receiver there’s no question he can have a great career as a safety. Campbell was originally committed to Michigan but backed off that pledge. He will announce his new commitment very soon from the list of teams below.
Recruiting: Florida, FSU, LSU, Clemson, Georgia, Maryland, UCLA, Ole Miss, Auburn and Alabama

4) John Burt (Tallahassee Lincoln)
No. 15 WR in nation
Texas got a good one here in the big and fast Burt. He’s tall, long and runs extremely well. He makes a lot of big plays and is a true deep threat. Burt gets to full speed in a few strides and climbs quickly on cornerbacks in zone-off coverage. He has good hands and adjusts to the ball well. He creates mismatches versus man coverage because of his size, speed and athleticism, especially in the red zone. Burt is also a very dangerous return man. You know Charlie Strong wants to have some kind of presence in the state of Florida. This is a great get and one of the Sunshine State’s top receivers who has a ton of upside.
Committed to Texas

5) Da’vante Phillips (Miami Central)
No. 17 WR in nation
Phillips is one of my favorite wide receivers in this class. He’s not the biggest and he’s not the fastest. Phillips runs good routes, is physical and has such strong hands. He just snatches it out of the air with his big paws. He is tough in the air and uses his body well. This kid has excellent hand-eye coordination. I love his upside and believe he can be a go-to guy at the next level. He initially committed to the Gators but has been back on the market for some time. FSU is the team to beat at this point.
Recruiting: Florida State, Miami, Ohio State, Alabama, and Clemson

6) Ray-Ray McCloud (Tampa Sickles)
No. 18 WR in nation
Scout recently moved McCloud from running back to wide receiver. He just committed to Clemson and should be an incredible fit and weapon in their offense. I suspect he will play both running back and in the slot. He’s arguably the state’s most explosive player. McCloud can fly. This is a kid with deep speed and can take a short pass the distance. He also has very good hands. There will be a learning curve but McCloud has sensational college upside. As good as he is on offense, cornerback just may be his best long term position. The Tigers landed two of the state’s top six wide receivers in McCloud and his good friend Deon Cain.
Committed to Clemson

7) Jovon Durante (Miami Norland)
No. 27 WR in nation
The bigger the situation the better Durante is. Durante's skill set projects well to the next level as this is a highly competitive prospect that is a very good play maker. He is tough to handle one on one and rarely drops the football. He has more explosiion than speed and easily creates separation. Durante can finish a play. He certainly needs to bulk up and get stronger in the weight room. Still, he will have a chance to help from day one in Morgantown.
Committed to West Virginia

8) Devante Peete (Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas)
No. 33 WR in nation
There are really 32 wide receivers better than Peete in this class? How deep is Florida when this kid is No. 8 in the state? This is a tall wide receiver with a long, lean frame. When/if he ever fills out Peete could be an absolute monster on the perimeter. He's deadly in the air because of his height/length combination. Peete also high points the ball exceptionally well and knows how to use his body. It's also impressive watching him block on the edge or in space. This kid can be physical. Peete transferred from Pompano Beach Ely to St. Thomas Aquinas and had a big year for the Raiders. He has a chance to be a special and unique talent.
Recruiting: Miami, USF, UCF, Louisville and others.

9) Auden Tate (Tampa Wharton)
No. 37 WR in nation
Tate’s big, strong, physical and runs well enough. You are not signing Tate to be your speed guy. But he’s a long strider who is deceptive on the field. He can create separation and Tate’s hands are terrific. He’s a natural pass catcher that doesn’t fight the ball. It doesn’t get to his body. Tate uses his big paws to snatch it out of the air with ease. He can also go low. Tate just has one of those very large catch radius. Once he fills out he could be a monster in Tallahassee. The Seminoles are hoping he’s their next Kelvin Benjamin.
Committed to Florida State

10) Ryan Davis (St. Petersburg Lakewood)
No. 50 WR in nation
Davis, like Cain, is a high school quarterback that projects as a slot wide receiver. He looked very good all spring and summer playing that position for his 7v7 team, Team Tampa. Davis has very good speed and incredible quickness. He needs to bulk up and add weight, especially up top. But this kid has a chance to be a very good inside receiver at the next level.
Recruiting: Florida State, Florida, Vanderbilt, Maryland, UCF, USF, Ole Miss, Tennessee, others

11) Shaquery Wilson (Coral Gables, Fla.)
No. 51 WR in nation
This kid is a football player. He lines up outside and in the slot. Wilson has good speed and is the type of receiver that can make big plays, whether it’s off of screen passes, reverses, or just making guys miss in space. Wilson is also tough in the air and can high point the ball over defenders. He’s fearless and physical, especially in the run game. Wilson is not shy in blocking on the perimeter for his teammates.
Committed to Georgia

12) Kalif Jackson (Neptune Beach Fletcher)
No. 54 WR in nation
Jackson is almost a clone of Auden Tate. He’s big and very long. Jackson has super hands and catches the ball extremely well. He excels in the air, where he can use his body and length to his advantage. Jackson will be a super red-zone threat in Gainesville. He recently committed to the Gators.
Committed to Florida

13) Therrell Gosier (Pompano Beach Ely)
No. 57 WR in nation
This kid has unreal upside considering his size (6-6) and big play ability. He’s quick off the line and gets up field and into his route so quickly. Gosier is fast and has deep speed. He is a true vertical threat and a real weapon. Because of his size and athleticism some feel he could end up as a defensive end. He has committed to the Hurricanes but it looks like he will still visit a school or two like West Virginia and Nebraska.
Committed to Miami

14) Christian Philpott (Tallahassee North Florida Christian)
No. 59 WR in nation
Philpott is a receiver who has very good speed and excellent hands. He just has the ability to get behind a secondary no matter the coverage, at least at this level. Philpott does a good job of using his size to his advantage especially on curl and comeback patterns where he can shield the defender. Philpott also causes mismatches in the red zone when most defenses employ man-to-man coverage. He’s a track guy that won the state in the 200 meters (21.39).
Committed to Georgia Tech

15) Tristan Payton (Jacksonville First Coast)
No. 66 WR in nation
Payton is a physical wide receiver, much like Da’vante Phillips but a tad bigger. Like Phillips, Payton has strong and huge hands. The ball never comes close to his body. This is a natural ball catcher that just snags the pigskin out of the air. He’s like a vacuum. Payton lacks elite speed but creates separation and gets open. He’s super in the air and shows the concentration and ball skills to make some ridiculous catches. He was committed to the Gators but now it appears that USC is the team to beat. In fact, he’s visiting the Trojans right now.

Florida QBs: 15 in ‘15
Florida RBs: 15 in ‘15

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