Walker Finds Comfort in Ann Arbor

2016 Wayne (N.J.) DePaul Catholic RB Kareem Walker made new connections during his first visit to Michigan last week. He also caught up with an old one.

The Michigan coaching staff had a brief opportunity to impress Kareem Walker during his first ever visit to Ann Arbor last Wednesday, but they apparently made the most of it.

“I definitely liked it up there,” Walker said. “I couldn’t stay at Michigan for that long.  My coach had to get back (home).  He had to take care of some business so we had to come back a little bit early. But I was definitely liking being around the staff.  We were walking around and I felt comfortable with them."

The trip to the Great Lake State actually came on the heels of a visit to the campus of the Wolverines’ arch rivals, the Ohio State Buckeyes.

“I liked it over there too,” he said. “I felt comfortable over there as well.”

Recruiting battles between these respected but hated foes can sometimes get chippy, but that hasn’t been Walker’s experience thus far.

“Actually they were real humble,” the nation’s top running back said. “Both coaches said I’m not going talk negative about that team. Both teams said that.”

All told, both experiences compared favorably with other recruiting visits with one exception.

“I felt real comfortable around the coaches, but I didn’t actually get to be with the players,” stated Walker.  “It’s always better when you’re with the players.  You really get to see if that’s home. You really get to tell if you’re really comfortable around those guys.”

That was an issue born of Walker’s time crunch, but Michigan was able to provide him a few moments for a single player interaction.  It was again an example of making the most of an opportunity because they set up a meeting with Walker’s good friend and fellow New Jersey native Jabrill Peppers.

“I was chilling with my boy,” Walker said with a smile that came through the phone.  “He said he’s loving it up there.  He is real comfortable.  He likes it.”

Still, Walker hopes to connect with more players at Michigan, Ohio State, and many other suitors. It’s going to be a while before he does so though.

“Not this fall,” he regarding future visits. “I’m just focused on the season.  I haven’t really talked about going anywhere else.  For now I’m just focused on the season.”

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