Taylor One Of The Best In 2016

Kansas City (MO) Rockhurst running back A.J. Taylor is one of the best prospects in Missouri for the 2016 class.

The top running back in Kansas City regardless of class may be Rockhurst running back A.J. Taylor. What stands out about that statement is that Taylor is going to be just a junior, and is in the 2016 class.

He stuck out as the top prospect on the Rockhurst roster during practice on Tuesday afternoon, and has shown rapid improvement in his game over the past 12 months.

He discussed his own thoughts and beliefs about where he's at as a prospect now, and how he's developed.

"I felt pretty good about how I performed today," Taylor said. "I know I still have things that I need to work on but I felt that today was pretty productive."

"I like that I've finally got in touch physically and psychologically with the speed of the game," he added. "I'm more physically prepared now than ever and I have a firm understanding of what is happening out there on every single play. I still want to be a better cornerback for my team and improve my skills in that area, but other than that I'm pretty confident about where I'm at."

The recruiting process has already begun for Taylor, but he's still waiting for the first offer to roll through.

"I haven't gotten any offers yet but a lot of schools are looking at me," he pointed out. "Coaches have made sure to let me know that they'll have their eye on me this year. If I have a few good games and good runs, the offers will come I'm told. I was told to expect my recruitment to really blow up on me beginning September 1."

Taylor indicated three schools that have stood out above the rest in regards to the amount of interest they have shown.

"The most interest has come from Missouri, Kansas State, and Oregon," he stated. "They said they'll offer if they like what they see early on and I show that I can make the big play."

The in-state Tigers were the childhood favorite of Taylor's.

"Missouri would be a great spot to go," he admitted. "They were my favorite team growing up but as I've gotten older I've became more open to all of my options."

The Wildcats are another school that always makes their presence felt on the recruiting trail in Kansas City, and it's been no different with Taylor.

"Kansas State is a school that I have became more open to over the years," he shared. "I like the way they value the team as your family. It's very important to them and I admire that."

One out-of-region program that has blanketed Kansas City more and more over the past six months has been Oregon.

"I don't know much about Oregon besides all of the Nike gear they wear," Taylor explained. "The coach that I spoke with seemed really cool. I know they look at fast players and I like the fast-paced style they run. I'm definitely open to them."

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