Fehoko Talks Family, Football and Fun

Honolulu (HI) Farrington's Breiden Fehoko is not only one of the top defensive linemen in the 2015 class, but one of the top-rated overall players in the nation by Scout. RaiderPower.com interviewed the 6-foot-3, 290-pound Under Armour All-American, who signed a financial aid agreement with Texas Tech on Friday and kicked off his senior year by drubbing an opponent in historic fashion on Saturday.

The following is a Q&A which was conducted Sunday via text messages.

RP: Hey Fehokos. This is Jarret Johnson with RaiderPower.com Y'all ready to do this interview?

Fehoko: Okay.

RP: I talked to Jarrett [Stidham] about this the other day too, but why did you choose to go ahead and sign the financial aid agreement and what does that do for you?

Fehoko: For me Breiden, it's something I had needed to do two weeks ago, but two storms hit our island so everything was delayed. Signing that financial aid just meant that much more to me that I am solid in my commitment to Texas Tech. I want to let other recruits know that this program and the coaches is for real. I kind of just made it official.

RP: Aw man. Of course I saw on the news about the storms. I lived on a Texas island when a hurricane hit years back. It took weeks just to get power back. What kind of damage did you have and are all the fam and friends OK?

Fehoko: Our Big Island was hit bad. Our island got the after-effects. But everyone, like the whole island, was stocking up on emergency supplies and food and water. The schools and businesses were closed. Homes on the big island were blown in, flooding was bad and they were out of power for a week. They still cleaning up damages in some areas. Us on Oahu was very fortunate to get after showers and minor flooding.

RP: Just to be clear, was that Breiden or Mama Fehoko?

Fehoko: It's me, Breiden. Mom's making breakfast right now.

RP: Nice. What's she making?

Fehoko: Hahaha. My mom is the best cook. White Hawaiian Rice, eggs, Samoan sausage, spam and her pancakes. That's like our normal breakfast. Haha.

RP: Aw man. That sounds good. So, I saw Farrington beat up on Waipahu yesterday. I'm not going to pretend to know what's up with Hawaii high school football, but was that a regular season game or a scrimmage?

Fehoko: Regular season... Man the team forfeited against us around about the second quarter. Their coach told our coach they'll forfeit and take the loss. They complained that we were causing players to be injured. We kind of heard from a news reporter that it's the first time in Hawaii football they forfeited a game to save kids from getting injured in a game. It was kind of disappointing they called the game off, but we won 35-0. There was about five minutes left in the second quarter and a fourth injured player on the field.

RP: Wow. Making history in Week 1. Hawaii HSFB starts early. How'd you play individually? Did you hurt anybody?

Fehoko: Hahaha no man. For me, I just played hard like I'm expected to. They started with doubling me, then tripling me. Haha, but the QB knew I was coming and never gave up. Got credit for a sack, two tackles, including one tackle for loss, -7 yards. It was good man, I mean I did pretty well.

Yeah Hawaii football starts early. It's a big thing here, high school football. We have so many teams across the islands. it's kind of crazy because you see every family member going to watch the games. Like you'll see grandmas and young babies at the games. It's very competitive and very physical here. It's kind of a big deal here. Lots of hard hitting and smash mouth football.

RP: One of our national writers here at Scout, Greg Biggins, wrote a story on you awhile back crediting you with 103 tackles, 24 sacks! and 12 forced fumbles last season. Are those numbers legit?

Fehoko: Yeah man, hahaha.

RP: Wow, that's crazy. What are your team and individual goals this season? How do you top that?

Fehoko: My team goal is to win the state championship. As a team captain, I have to lead with example. It starts with the small things like extra work outs before the day begins and after. Classroom with a 4.0 and studying film on my own time. I don't know what my stats will be, but I know I'll bring it every down.

My dad taught us something. He tells us "if your heart is not there don't do it at all. Don't waste people's time and money. Don't waste our time. If you want something you gotta give it 150% every time. Every play, every down." And I guess it's like a mental thing for us as brothers. So it's taking one day at a time and giving everything and more each day you know. We as a family call it survival mode, you know. Every day we gotta survive and that's how we are, me and my brothers.

RP: That's good stuff. I want to ask you about The Opening because by all accounts you dominated there, too. Describe the experience and your performance there.

Fehoko: Oh man. The feeling is something I never experienced before. You know, it's a good thing my brothers and my dad prepared me for that. You know I was ready. You're with the best of the best. 5 star guys and 4 star guys. I wasn't going to let anyone get the best of me. I worked too hard to get here. I come from a poor family and we didn't have much so every practice, every one on ones, everything I did there I made sure it was a blessing man.

It also made me realize I was at another level. Also it gave me things to improve on and things to do to stay at that level. I also wanted to open doors for kids from Hawaii. We kind of don't get too much credit you know, because we out here. So that was important for me at The Opening. It was also an honor to be selected as one of the top DL in the country to attend The Opening.

RP: I heard you were doing a lot of recruiting out there and I see you on Twitter all the time talking to recruits across the country. Your boom predictions gets our message board hype too. Do you have a plan as far as recruiting other players? Do you, Jarrett, some of the other commits and the coaches actually plan it out or is it random? Also, what have you been hearing back?

Fehoko: Haha no planning. I just talk to the recruits you know. I tell them about Tech and why I committed there. I could have gone anywhere in the country, but I chose Tech. Not because of one coach, but all the coaches. All the coaches will treat you like family. I also tell them to believe in the philosophy of this new staff. Like no one wants to build a legacy or a national championship team. But everyone wants to be a part of it. I want to build a national championship team. I want players with me that think like me.

RP: How would you describe the philosophy of the Tech staff?

Fehoko: Man they kind of remind me of my family, like hardcore when it comes to school and football and when it's time to have fun everyone gets down. They relate to us, our age group. That's building a connection, a trust with your players. They know how to turn it on and turn it off. They make everyone better you know. Then they prepare you for the league and life.

RP: You mentioned you have a 4.0 and of course are graduating early. First off, congrats, that is fantastic. What do you plan on studying at Tech?

Fehoko: Thanks. I am looking at a few things. Engineering, communications, possibly sports journalism or sports psychology. So I'm not definite yet.

RP: Cool. I have an idea, but how do the coaches plan on using you? What position(s)?

Fehoko: Coaches are going to use me as a 3 tech to a 5 tech. They said I'm the player they need anywhere on the line.

RP: Wow, that's great stuff. Thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate it.

Fehoko:OK. Thanks bro.

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