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RALEIGH, N.C. --- North Carolina has been absent from most of Nyheim Hines’s recent interviews. The four-star running back says that’s not an indication of his level of interest in the Tar Heels.

“I haven’t made any cuts, so I’m considering everyone,” Hines said. “All of my recent interviews, most people ask me [about] places I want to see or get back to. I’ve been to Carolina four or five times. There are a lot of places I’ve been to once that I want to see again.”

Furthermore, Hines, a 5-foot-8, 181-pounder from Garner High, says that Ty’Son Williams’s commitment has no significant impact on his feelings towards UNC.

“It’s just competition,” Hines said. “No matter where I go I’m going to have to beat somebody out.”

With all that said, Hines has remained in constant contact with Larry Porter, UNC’s running backs coach. Hines says they speak at least once a week.

“He just talks about how I’d be good in the Fed-Spread, the offense,” Hines said. “When they do two-back sets in the shot gun, they have [Ryan] Switzer back there. But Switzer really can’t pass protect, so they always have to release him. With me back there, I can pass protect, so [the defense] really doesn’t know which running back is coming out of the backfield.

“And also they’ll put me in the slot and do things they did at Southern Miss with Tracy Lampley.”

Hines has played that exact role at Garner the past two seasons. Based on Saturday’s scrimmage, Garner will continue to use Hines in the same capacity this coming season.

“I’m pretty sure it’s my way of life now,” Hines said. “I like to line up both in the slot and in the backfield.”

A few weeks ago, Hines was scheduled to return to UNC, but he canceled.

“We were in Houston for seven days,” Hines said. “We had just got off the plane and they wanted us to come the next day. We didn’t want to get out of bed – we were all tired. We had a four-day track meet. I ran from Wednesday to Sunday, so when we got back we were just dead tired and didn’t want to do any traveling, honestly.”

Hines does plan on rescheduling that visit.

“I just don’t know when,” Hines said. “I just have a lot of other visits that I haven’t taken yet and I really want to see. Hopefully, I can make time to get back to Carolina.”

Hines’s priority is making inaugural visits to South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Virginia, and Virginia Tech.

During the summer months, Hines has traveled to Duke, Florida, Georgia, UNC, NC State, Ohio State, Wake Forest, and West Virginia.

Hines has begun to eye Sept. 1 as the date he’ll name a list of finalists. The list will be made up of five to seven schools.

“That’s the first day that coaches can call you,” Hines said. “It’s right when the college football season starts, too.”

Hines says that only Duke is a lock to make the cut.

“[David] Cutcliffe is the man – it’s as simple as that,” Hines said. “The running back coach, [Re’quan Boyette], is a great coach. I like the school and I’d like to see more about it.”

In a perfect world, Hines said he would make a verbal commitment sometime in October.

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