Bredeson More Comfortable in Junior Year

Hartland Arrowhead (Wisc.) junior offensive lineman Ben Bredeson talks about his opening week win, and Fall visits for college games.

Hartland Arrowhead offensive lineman Ben Bredeson and his unit was a big part of his team's opening night win over Kenosha Bradford.

Now up to 285 pounds at 6-foot-5, Bredeson was already a varsity starter as a freshman and sophomore, but says he feels even better this year, a scary thought for opponents.

"It felt good, a little different. The game's slower now than last year, which is a good sign. The line played way better than anybody had hoped. We all gelled very well so it's good to get out here and play someone new and we've got Homestead next week, it's a big one, so we have to get ready for that one."

"We did some very good things," he added, "but a lot of things we can still improve on. We'll have film tomorrow, try to get better and fix that for next week."

Bradford's defensive line did not back down in the face of playing against one of the top offensive line prospects in the country, but Bredeson was happy for the competition.

"He got me pretty good. I got high on him and he did well. He was a good guy, we talked, he was good and it was good to go against someone strong."

Bredeson holds offers from many of the Midwest's powers and now Oklahoma has jumped in. The Arrowhead staff told Scout they expect the entire country to become involved in his recruitment.

As far as unofficial visits for the Fall, the school and football schedule will affect travel, but Bredeson does have his eye on several games and schools.

"For sure the Notre Dame-Michigan game, I just scheduled that one. I'm going to try to get out to some Badger games, possibly Penn State-Michigan and we'll see from there. I'm still working it out to see where I can go."

Currently ranked as the Midwest's top junior, Bredeson and his squad are primed for a big season, and he is ready to lead the way.

"Definitely from last year, I feel a lot more comfortable. Myself and another guy coming back were talking about how it feels way more natural than last year. Everything's flowing well, everyone's feeling good, so we have to keep riding on that."

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