Speed is Wiley's strength

The name of the game is speed. Charles Wiley has that and that is attracting schools to this junior defensive end...

On the hoof, Charles Wiley looks good, but there is more than looks to him.

Speed is what created a buzz at multiple camps this summer. He has consistently been timed at sub 4.5 seconds in the 40 yard dash at 6-foot-3, 228 pounds.

The rush end out of Stockbridge, Ga. knows he what he brings to the table.

"At one camp this summer, I was timed at 4.47 seconds in the 40 yard dash," said Wiley. "I am a defensive end who rushes the quarterback with speed."

"You will never see a defensive end as fast as me. I am fast -- very fast."

That speed has helped Wiley land four early scholarship offers. Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Virginia Tech have pulled the trigger.

He has spent time on two of those campuses so far. One was right up I-75 in Georgia Tech.

"Georgia Tech has great academics and I am looking to go into engineering, so I like that about them. I like that they are close to home and it was a nice feel when I was there. I will be back."

Ole Miss was the other school. He opened some eyes there showing his athleticism at one of their summer camps.

"I like the vibe at Ole Miss -- It is a very good vibe there around the campus. I like how the coaches treat their players and I just had a good time there. It was a lot of fun there."

Wiley's offer list will grow this fall.

Plenty of other schools are showing interest in Wiley. Georgia, Purdue, and Wake Forest are currently showing the most.

He spent time in Athens, Ga. over the summer, but he did not camp at UGA.

"I hung out at Georgia and they are very interested in me," said Wiley. "They want me to come back up there for games and they will be watching me this season."

The junior did not have a favorite school he cheered for growing up and he is wide open right now.

He is focused on his season right now and he will just sit back and see how recruiting plays out moving forward.

"I just want to play hard and do all I can to help the team. I am not sure about visits this fall yet and I am not worried about favorites.

"I know I will not be making a decision any time soon. I am not worried with recruiting right now."

When the time comes for Wiley to make that call, he will be looking at depth charts because he wants to play early. He also is looking at academics and the feel he has when on that campus for a visit.

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