Williams Talking His Time

He's got offers from all over the country, Depaul Prep defensive lineman Raequan Williams talks about his potential visits and upcoming season below.

DePaul Prep defensive lineman Raequan Williams stands 6-foot-5, 280 pounds and has put on 20 pounds since the end of last season.

Williams has recent offers from Kentucky and Arizona State, and is planning his official visits.

“Everything is good, it is going very well I am just ready to play the season and take a couple official visits and I will commit by the end of the season,” Williams said.

Williams has picked a few of the schools that are further away from Chicago to take his official visits too.

“I have decided to take officials to Iowa, Missouri, and Arizona, and I am planning the next two but I am not sure yet. I am looking at Arizona State and maybe Oregon I don’t know yet.”

He has yet to set dates for the three visits he has planned, but they will be for a game weekend this fall.

“I just want to go and see a game and the atmosphere, I haven’t set any dates yet but I know I am going to visit those three schools for sure.”

In the past several years, Williams has grown several inches and added quite a bit of weight -- but he feels like he may have matured more off the field.

“I mean I feel like I got a lot bigger and faster, and I am more mature," Williams said. "Freshman year I was a little playful, sophomore year I went into like not talking stage and junior year. And now I feel like I am free to talk and lead and I feel very mature now, and I am ready for the next stage.”

Heading into his senior year, Williams has improved his agility and speed. And even though he is nearly 300-pounds he is running sprint drills with a tradiontally much more agile group at practice.

“They are going to put me running with the defensive backs and make it challenging," Williams said. "I think it will be challenging they are pretty fast.”

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