Video: Scout 300 OT Michael Jordan vs. Salem

One of Scout's top 2016 prospects in the Midwest, Plymouth (Mich.) offensive tackle Michael Jordan in action.

Michael Jordan profile

Jordan burst onto the scene this summer, when, after a couple of strong camp performances, earned offers from Michigan and Ohio State despite being somewhat unknown heading into the month of June. Having seen him at the U-M camp, we knew he was a good athlete, but wanted to see him play football and see some aggressiveness and intensity out of him.

Once again, the athleticism and potential showed up. He moves around the field easily for a big guy. It's not work for him to bend and run on the field. He's good in pass protection, actually probably a little better there than in the run game right now because that's where his feet and athletic gifts can take over. He keeps his feet well, and rarely ended up on the ground. He's overall very balanced and coordinated.

I was impressed with his conditioning. He played both ways nearly the entire game. What I wanted to see was toughness. He was injured during one part of the game and it looked like a stinger, but he rose and sprinted back to the huddle to play the next play after a few moments on the ground. He hustled all night -- to the sidelines during timeouts, back to the huddle, etc., which stood out. As far as mean streak, it took a little while, but finally, I think a kid got him mad enough that he planted him hard later in the game. He also had a couple of big hits on defense. That type of fire is what I want to continue to see more of.

You can't teach Jordan's tools. He's long, has room to still keep filling out, and is a good natural athlete. His ceiling is very high. He's currently in the lower end of the four-star range, which is where he will likely stay until we keep seeing more of him as a junior. He's also a top 10 in-state kid and I saw nothing on Thursday to dispel the notion that he is deserving of those high marks.

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