Prospect Preview: Webb City at Rockhurst

A ton of prospects will be on the field as Webb City (MO) and Kansas City (MO) Rockhurst face off on Friday night.

Friday night will pit two strong high school football programs in the state of Missouri against each other. Webb City is on the rise and is home to a couple sure-fire FBS prospects in the 2015 class, while Rockhurst has a handful of FBS prospects on the roster in both the 2015 and 2016 classes.


Two prospects come to mind for Webb City and that is offensive linemen Dalton Ford and athlete KiAnte Hardin.

Ford has offers from Syracuse and Illinois among others, and recently hauled in a scholarship from Arkansas State in the past week. He projects to be an interior lineman at the next level but mans one of the offensive tackle spots for his high school squad.

Hardin is one of the better all-around athletes in the entire state, and is being recruited at a variety of positions, most notably wide receiver and in the secondary. His speed and agility stands out and he's still developing physically. Minnesota and Bowling Green are the two offers that have caught his eye early on.


The head of the offensive snake for the Hawklets is senior quarterback T.J. Green, the son of former NFL quarterback Trent Green. He isn't the biggest or tallest at his position, but the 2015 recruit has a very strong arm and can fit the ball in very tight spaces. His arm is his asset, and he's very young for his age, leaving him with still a bit of upside and growth left in his game.

The other 2015 standout for Rockhurst is senior tight end Charlie Heck. He's a weapon at the position due to his height and athleticism, but his future may reside as an offensive tackle. He's added two inches in height in addition to 50 pounds in the last calendar year. That rate of development could find the 6-foot-6 and 250 pound prospect to make the move to offensive tackle, just like his father Andy Heck who was all-american offensive lineman for Notre Dame and current offensive line coach for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The 2016 prospects of note are offensive linemen Claudio Martin and Brendan McConnell, and running back A.J. Taylor.

Martin and McConnell are both accruing early college interest and will have the eye of many FBS programs throughout the year. Taylor is a star in the making for Rockhurst, and could even be a slot receiver at the next level. He's quite possibly the best running back in Kansas City regardless of class, and a home-run hitter.

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