Scout’s Take: Elkins v. Bellaire in the Midlands is out and checking in on a number of games starting this week. On Thursday, we took in the Elkins/Bellaire game, which was dominated by the Elkins team with a 52-27 finish. Here are a few observations from the game.

Giles is For Real
Going into this season, though committed, Elkins quarterback Jonathan Giles wanted to make sure that his last season was the best. And in the opener, it was a good start. Giles stayed within the game and let it come to him for most of the night. He did have moments where he scrambled a bit longer than one would like and surely there were times when coach Dennis Brantley cringed at the idea that he would like the ball to be thrown away sooner, but overall the performance was good. And when needed, Giles turned the corner and made the throws to show that bonafide playmaking ability that got him the opportunity to bring all of that to the Big 12 at Texas Tech

Lark is Electric
It has been said several times over that there are some 2016 receivers who are Top 10 in the state regardless of class. Bellaire’s Courtney Lark is one of those guys. When he is one, he’s tough to
He had over 100 yards receiving on the night, and that was a good night, even by his standards. He finds a way to get open and is as sure handed as any top player at his position.

Woods Proving a Point?
Elkins’ Darren Woods hit just about every camp within a 100-mile radius. But at the end of it all, many programs said that the evaluations would continue through his senior season. He came into the year with Air Force and UTSA (most recently) offers, but if this past game was an indication of what could be, then the line of coaches by Week 6 could be out of the door for him. His first two touches went for touchdowns, both of which went for over 40 yards off of quick hitch routes. 

Feed the Beast
He only had 63 yards and a score, but Bellaire’s Xzaviar Campbell has gotten much better since last season. He’s playing a big-boy game and muscles his way on every carry. Look for him to likely get a few more carries throughout the season as nearly every touch was successful. 

More Pancakes than IHOP
A rival school was in the press box scouting the Elkins team and one of the guys looked over and said, “have toy checked out this center No. 55 from Elkins? He is really dominating whoever is across from him.” At that moment, the focus went to this young man for have of the series plays. It was a bit of a ‘wow’ moment. This kid was dominant on nearly every play. Play of play, his man was on the ground, or at the least out of the play. This kid in discussion is Omar Wilkins. What’s interesting about Wilkins is he is not a tall player (6-foot-1), but plays at a high level. He does weight 295 pounds and it was evident that the kid packed quite a punch. 

The coach who pointed him out to us was saying that despite his height, some of the smaller Division I schools would take a shot at him. Well, the door is wide open as Wilkins said in his interview (more on that soon) that “no one” is looking at him. If a coach can look past the height and look at the film and see the power, he could be a steal for a program, at any level. 

Force in the Red Zone 
Not sure if it was more about the Elkins defense or issues with the Bellaire offense. As predicted, looking at the numbers on paper, the two teams were nearly identical in total yards (Elkins 479, Bellaire 430), first downs (17, 14) and even rushing yards (268, 274). But the final score ended up being 52-27. Why? Simply put, Bellaire had five turnovers, three of which were in the red zone. One was even a pick-6. Elkins defense was on point, but Bellaire making mistakes inside the two didn’t help as the team was successful in moving the ball. Cashing in was the issue. 

Press Box Eats
Fort Bend ISD usually delivers in this category. It was Raising Canes on the menu for the night.

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