Simmons: Underclassmen Shine

National recruiting analyst Chad Simmons saw Peachtree Ridge host Archer last weekend and each team has top underclassmen to know about...

It was all about the young guys in Suwanee, Ga. Friday night.

Peachtree Ridge was the home team and they have their share, but visiting Archer has some of their own.

I take a look at the top underclassmen from this contest.

Baylen Buchanan | 2016 CB | 5-10.162 | Peachtree Ridge
This Louisville commit plays with confidence out on the island. He was in on a few tackles and a pass break-up in this game. He needs to add weight, but he is good in off coverage and showed good instincts.

Chad Clay | 2016 CB | 6-0.168 | Peachtree Ridge
This young man was being called, 'Big play Clay' by his teammates and he was showing why Friday night. He had one interception and he almost had three more. He had his hands on almost half a dozen passes and he showed his ability to make plays as a return man as well. He has very good short-space quickness and he was strong playing on and off coverage. He likes to take risks, so he plays with a confidence on the island at corner. Already a four-star on Scout with a nice offer list.

Kyle Davis | 2016 TE | 6-3.209 | Archer
Davis can be called a tight end (What he is ranked on Scout as), a wide receiver, or a hybrid. He is a new-age tight end who will stretch the field, create mismatches, and run down the middle of the field. He catches the ball well and has a great frame, but can improve quickness and his blocking. He is committed to South Carolina.

Breon Dixon | 2017 LB | 6-1.203 | Peachtree Ridge
A name to know here. He was all over the field in this game. He had a couple of sacks, he got his hand on a pass over the middle, and he was in on several tackles. He is a little light right now, but athletic, he reacts quickly, and he is a kid who plays with some thump. No offers yet, but they will come. He could project as an inside or outside linebacker.

DeAngelo Gibbs | 2017 ATH | 6-2.191 | Peachtree Ridge
Freak! This kid will soon be a five-star athlete on Scout. I once thought he was defense all the way, but I am not so sure. He is so good with the ball in his hands, he runs by defensive backs, he can make plays in the open field, and he is a big play waiting to happen. He made a couple of outstanding catches in this game and had to be double-covered. On defense, he would project as a safety. He will be able to name his school.

Connor Heyward | 2017 WR | 6.1/189 | Peachtree Ridge
Another versatile athlete on his team and he is another one who could project on either side of the ball. He has very good ball skills, deceptive speed, and I am leaning more towards wide receiver. Safety is another position for him. He has strong hands and a very good understanding of the game.

Isaiah Pryor | 2017 ATH | 6-1.186 | Archer
Already a four-star on Scout and he will continue to add offers to his profile. He is a big safety who was moved around in this game. He played 15 yards off the ball, he played on the ball at corner, and he was in the box as a walk-up safety. He was active, he showed speed to the ball, and he likes contact. He will be a big safety or quick outside linebacker on the next level.

Dylan Singleton | 2016 S | 5-11.184 | Archer
Battling a minor shoulder injury, so he was not 100-percent in this game. He still made some plays though and came downhill to support the run. He is a smart football player and his size is more like a corner, but he is a safety on the next level. He is a field general on the third level with a high football I.Q. He is not the biggest, he is not the fastest, but he is one of the smartest, and he puts himself in the position to make plays.

Malik Staples | 2016 RB | 6-0/207 | Peachtree Ridge
Played at Pace Academy a year ago, but moved back to where he started for his junior year. He is a big, downhill back that is successful between the tackles. He runs with toughness and shows good bodylean. Not a speed guy, but he knows how to hit the hole and pick up yards after contact.

Jamyest Williams | 2017 ATH | 5-9.174 | Archer
One of the better players pound-for-pound. He is small and he may not grow much more in the height department, but he is a very good football player. He is a good corner, but size does limit his upside there. He plays with no fear, he is a true competitor, and he may have more upside as a slot receiver on the next level. He is very quick and he has that football toughness.

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