Monroe going national

Galena Park (Texas) safety Eric Monroe is quickly going from being a coveted prospect regionally to becoming a prospect programs want nationally.

Galena Park (Texas) North Shore defensive back Eric Monroe saw a swarm of scholarship offers before the start of his junior season, and now the 6-foot, 180-pound four-star is contemplating exploring options outside the Midlands Region.

“I’d like to see Florida State, UCLA, Oregon, West Virginia and Clemson,” said Monroe. “I’ve got a couple of teammates up at UCLA (Zach Whitley and Najee Toran), so we talk.

“Zach just said that it’s a big move, but you have to be a man and step up to the plate. He says the coaches are cool and stuff. There’s some interest in UCLA, but my parents want me to stay in state.

“But I think if I take a visit to UCLA or some out of state school, they would be more open to seeing other schools too.”

Thus far, Monroe has taken unofficial visits to Texas, Texas A&M, LSU and SMU. All four schools have offered Monroe a scholarship along with eight other top college programs.

“They all just say I’m special,” said Monroe. “They say I’m special because I know how to play the game and I’m smart.

“Whatever the quarterback is thinking, I’m thinking the opposite. If he wants to do one thing, I’m thinking of how I can make the opposite happen. He wants to complete a pass here, I’m thinking about how I can make the interception there.”

Last weekend Monroe made the short drive to NRG Stadium in Houston (Texas) to watch LSU beat Wisconsin 28-24. Monroe also unofficially visited Baton Rouge while camping with the Tigers over the summer.

“The game was live,” said Monroe. “The fans and everything, they just pumped their team up. But I would say that I’ve only really seen half of the program.

“I haven’t really taken a tour around the school. I just saw the football stuff going to camps.”

On the football field, the LSU coaching staff have compared Monroe to possibly the best cornerback in the NFL — former Tiger alum Patrick Peterson.

“The coaches compare me to Patrick Peterson, and that's good,” said Monroe, “but I’d rather be myself and make myself a name.”

Monroe also unofficially visited Texas, which to his surprise, had plenty of their own state of the art facilities to show off.

“When I went to UT’s stadium, I was like shocked,” said Monroe. “I sort of doubted them for some reason. I was like, ‘Texas isn’t half bad.’ I had to second guess myself.

“The coaches were good, the facilities were good… I liked it more than I thought I would.”

Maybe that’s because Texas A&M is the school Monroe’s family is most familiar with.

“It was really nice seeing the locker room and facilities at A&M,” said Monroe. “I had a great time up there. The coaches were good… everything was good. That's my family's school, so... yeah.”

Another school getting involved in Monroe’s recruitment is USC. Although Monroe hasn’t had direct contact with the Trojans coaching staff yet, a scholarship offer from the Trojans would give Monroe that much more reason to visit the West Coast.

“It would be a blessing to get an offer from SC,” said Monroe. “The program they have, they put DBs in the league. Guys like Troy Polamalu, and then my favorite running back, Reggie Bush.”

While Monroe has to consult his family about considering his college options outside out Texas, his personal view on choosing a school comes down to two main factors.

“Academics come first, so I’m looking for a school good in business or engineering,” said Monroe. “I’d like to have my own business and I know engineers make good money, so those are two things I’m looking at studying. I also have to be comfortable in the environment I’m in. It has to feel good.”

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