2016 Intro: Amir Watts

Chicago De La Salle's next highly recruited prospect might be big junior efensive end Amir Watts.

Imagine being a high school linebacker and seeing a 6-foot-3, 270-pound fullback coming through the hole. That's what Chicago De La Salle opponents have to deal in Amir Watts.

Watts may be a devastating blocker and short-yardage ball carrier, but it is as a defensive lineman where his athleticism and size are drawing looks from college programs.

"I've gotten multiple letters," he said. "The latest are Stanford and Florida State, Nebraska, Auburn, Indiana, Notre Dame’s come out to the school, UTEP, Arkansas, Arizona are just a few."

Watts camped at Northern Illinois over the summer but plans to do more this offseason.

First thing's first though, he wants to lead De La Salle as deep into the playoffs as he can. With several top seniors moving on to the college ranks, he now becomes one of the team's key figures.

He says he isn't concerned about stepping up and being a leader and seeing those players earn scholarships and go off to big colleges has only served to motivate him.

"Growing up, I was looking at them and I played with them on my grammar school team too and I couldn’t wait for my turn and now it's right around the corner."

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