Sammons To Visit Notre Dame

As one of the top prospects in the 2016 recruiting class, Prince Sammons and his family have started to see their mailbox overran with mail. This weekend Sammons will make his first visit to Notre Dame.

On Saturday, Cincinnati (Ohio) Hills Christian Academy junior lineman Prince Sammons will make his first visit to Notre Dame. spoke with his father Brandon Sammons about the upcoming visit and the first few days of receiving mass mailings from colleges across the country.

“We’re going up to Notre Dame and that is exciting,” said Sammons. “Prince decided Wednesday that he wanted to go up and check it out so it should be a nice trip. My uncle is a Notre Dame alum and goes to all the games so I hope to connect with him.

“I also contacted my cousin who is a sophomore at Notre Dame and she is going to come see us as well.”

As for the trip, Sammons hopes to take in as much as possible knowing game day visits may only allow them to see a small part of the schools as a whole.

“We hope to get up there early enough to be able to see some things,” he said. “Hopefully we can get whatever tour they can give us before the game as I doubt we get to talk with any coaches beforehand. But hopefully, we get a chance to talk with one or two after the game.”

Despite the fact Sammons picked up offers from the likes of Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia and Auburn to name a few, currently only one coach is keeping constant contact.

“The only person Prince has really talked with on a regular basis is Coach (Urban) Meyer at Ohio State,” he said. “Prince is not real big on all of this stuff as he just wants to take care of what he needs to take care of which is his school work.”

One thing the family has quickly learned is the amount of money colleges spend on mailings has been a little disturbing.

“For someone like Prince to see the amount of money spent on the mailings knowing that where he came from what good that money could do for people who could actually use it makes him wonder.

“In the last three days Prince has received 70 pieces of mail and they are still all sitting in a stack. Honestly, today his mother and I opened up some of it for the first time as he doesn’t even care to open it or read it as it doesn’t mean a whole lot to him.

“We find this whole thing bizarre and it really doesn’t make a lot of sense. His mother made a comment as she looked at how much postage is being spent just on Prince as there are so many things you could be doing with that kind of money.

“What is nice is Princes is not really interested in that side of recruiting.”

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