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Four-Star WR Tyjon Lindsey Talks Nebraska Commitment

After de-committing from Ohio State last week, Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman wide out Tyjon Lindsey will stay in the Big 10 and has decided to play for Nebraska.

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Tyjon Lindsey made an agonizing decision to de-commit from Ohio State last week and will now play his college ball at Nebraska.

"It was one of the toughest decisions of my life, it was a very stressful thing for me but the right thing for me," Lindsey said. "It really came down to where I felt I would be most comfortable, where I would develop the best and what school would prepare me the best for my ultimate goal, which is to play in the NFL.

"I have great relationships with Coach (Keith) Williams and Mike Riley and even after I committed to Ohio State, they still talked to me and treated me like family. With Coach Williams, he's a guy who would talk to me all the time and not even about football, just life and how I was doing. I'm not saying Ohio State didn't but it was just a different feel with Nebraska.

"I'm not afraid to compete, I know people will say that but if that was the case, I would have never went to Gorman. I just feel at Nebraska, I'll not only have a better opportunity to play right away but I'll be used in a way that's better for my skill set and give me the best chance to succeed not just in college but in the NFL hopefully. This was a really tough decision for me but as the season went on and I did my research, my heart just didn't feel right at Ohio State and my heart started to grow more and more for Nebraska."

In terms of playing for Coach Williams and the scheme, Lindsey broke down what exactly he meant.

"I think Coach Williams is the best WR coach in the country," Lindsey said. "I hear that from a lot of people. That was a big reason why Keyshawn Johnson sent his son there. He had his nephew at Ohio State and Keyshawn could have sent his son to just about any school in the country but he wanted him at Nebraska to be coached by Coach Williams, that meant a lot to me.

"In terms of the scheme at Ohio State, I would have been more of a situational player. I would play some in the backfield, some in the slot, some at receiver and basically move around to take advantage of mismatches but I don't think I would have developed as well as a receiver being used that way.

"A perfect example is what happened with DeAnthony Thomas. That's a guy I'm close to and we play a lot alike. At Oregon, he was that situational guy, moved around a lot and had success but when he got to the NFL, he didn't really have a position. He's now playing receiver and has to basically start from scratch in how to play and how to run routes. But guess who's training him, who he picked to teach him how to run routes in the off-season and learn the position, Coach Williams."

Lindsey said the depth chart is really wide open for him at Nebraska and that played a big role as well.

"Ohio State has a ton of guys, they'll be just fine," Lindsey said. "At Ohio State, I would have been just another nice player but at Nebraska, I think I can be the guy right away and really showcase my talent better. They only have 3-4 receivers at Nebraska and want to bring in five guys this year.

"Ohio State is more of a run dominated team and if they have a great receiver, they'll feature him but usually only that one guy gets a lot of catches. I know Nebraska wants to air things out and I want to be the guy for them. I want to be the guy that come in and makes a big impact and helps turn the program around and get other players to want to follow if we have success.

"Again, I want to be clear, this was nothing against Ohio State, it's a great program with a great staff. I like Zach Smith, the WR coach a lot. I just had to make this move for me because in the short term and long term, I really felt like Nebraska was a better opportunity and a better overall situation for me."

Lindsey said making the decision now is a huge weight off his back. 

"I feel really good right now, like I said, this wasn't easy," Lindsey said. "I had to deal with a lot of people saying some really negative things about me, people online who don't know anything about me or my situation. At Nebraska, I have friends who are going there who I can trust and who have been like family to me over the years.

"Guys like Keyshawn Johnson and Tristan Gebbia, they have always been there for me and I'm excited to be around them when I get up to college. The easy way out for me would have been to stick with my commitment but I had to own up to how I was feeling. This isn't something that just happened, I have been feeling this way for some time now so it's a huge relief for me and huge weight off my back and I'm just really excited to be a Husker."

Lindsey missed much of his senior season after injuring his shoulder a week before the teams first game. When healthy, he's among the most dynamic playmakers in the country and very explosive with the ball in his hands. We'll have a more detailed breakdown of what Lindsey brings to the table later today. 


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