Wisconsin speedster L.O. Johnson has three offers

Waunakee (Wis.) junior Lawrence Johnson is a speedster at running back with three FBS offers and many other schools in contact including his father's alma mater.

Lawrence "L.O." Johnson can change a game in the blink of an eye. His 7.49 yards per carry average as a junior should be proof enough of that.

Also an outstanding sprinter on his school's track team, Johnson has had colleges find their way to his mailbox and inbox after a season in which he was the lightning to Javian Dayne's thunder. 

The scholarships have come in recently as Northern IllinoisBall State and Central Michigan all offered this winter.

"When I received my first offer, it came as a shock," he said. "I got followed by all the NIU coaches on twitter one day then he told me to give him a call. I gave him a call, he asked a couple questions about track and my dad and then he said we here at NIU like you a lot and would like to offer you a scholarship. My family and I were shocked and extremely grateful for the opportunity coach gave me. Shortly after I received other offers from Ball state and CMU. After I received my CMU offer, it was a humbling experience and really pushed me to work even harder because I could see a light at the end of a tunnel. I knew that if I worked even harder, it would come true."

Of the three schools who have offered, Johnson has only visited one, but he will see the other two soon.

"I visited ball state and it completely blew all my expectations," Johnson said, "great campus, new facilities, and the new coaching staff at ball state is just overall amazing. I'm very excited for the NIU junior I have coming up on the 18th. I know NIU has a great history of winning MAC and that winning tradition is something I look forward to being display when I go down to visit. I will visit CMU for a spring practice."

Then there are other programs in contact too, including in-state Wisconsin, which is where his father, Lawrence Sr., played before playing in the NFL.

"Recently I've heard from South Dakota State, North Dakota State, Iowa State, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota. I plan on going to visit Iowa, Iowa State and Wisconsin also in the spring as of right now."

Johnson did visit the Badgers for a game during the fall season, he also visited Michigan State.


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