QB John Holcombe Jr. (© Greg Powers)

The Opening Houston Interview with Quarterback John Holcombe Jr.

Keep an eye on the recruitment of John Holcombe Jr. He is a quarterback who really passes the eye ball test and has plenty of schools looking into offering him.

John Holcombe, a 6-foot-4, 230-pound quarterback from Summer Creek (Texas) High was one of the most physically impressive prospects regardless of position at The Opening Houston. 

But he does not just use his physicality when it comes to playing the quarterback position. 

"I like to say I am really more of an all-around type of guy," Holcombe said of his strengths. "A dual-threat as they like to say. I do not run a lot, but I run when I need to. I have a great size, a great arm.  My accuracy is really good and I am real consistent, and I feel like I can fit into any program and take us where we need to got to get to the next level."

Offers are starting to roll in. 

"I hold three offers right now," Holcombe reported. "SMU, Illinois and Incarnate Word."

Illinois - "Illinois probably will be a factor. They have a lot of great running backs and great receivers, and after watching them this season – I watched them of course because of my brother and then I just watched because of my recruiting process -- and they actually threw the ball a lot."

SMU - "SMU is a great school. I love the campus. It is a very moderate size. It seems like a family up there. They throw the ball a lot too."

Those three programs are not the only schools recruiting Holcombe at this point in the process. He has a long list of potential suitors and that list will only get longer as they see his size and physical upside at the position. 

"There have been a lot of schools over at my school most recently," Holcombe said. "Indiana came, Duke came, Florida came, and Texas Tech came. They all said they are going to be back in the spring. A couple schools I went to their campus and they are all gong to be back in the spring and evaluate me for an offer."

"If I had to say hungry for any I would have to say I want the Texas Tech offer. Because after watching this past season and the season before the last season they throw the ball a lot. Coach Kliff Kinsgsbury attended Texas Tech University and was QB I want to say back in ‘06 and you know he was a great quarterback and he threw the ball a lot and was very good at it."

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