Desjuan Johnson (Allen Trieu / Scout)

Recap: Elite Big Man Camp

As usual, the Elite Big Man Camp brought top names and also unknown players and underclassmen who came up from under the radar. A full recap with video highlights here.


Desjuan Johnson (2018) DE Detroit East English Village 6-3, 215 Lean rusher with great athleticism and ability to win with speed and finesse. 3-4 OLB or WDE candidate. Just needs to add weight.
Tyrone Sampson (2018) C Detroit East English Village 6-3, 315 Always a tough matchup. Strong, great balance and base and technically very sound. True center and a potentially elite one.
Elijah Ratliff (2018) DT Reynoldsburg (Ohio) 6-3, 260 Very quick off the ball and plays with excellent pad level. Uses his hands well. Has a couple offers but more should come.
Nate Millard (2018) OL Belleville (Mich.) 6-5, 345 Massive kid who has improved a lot in a year. Likely a guard in our eyes. Very strong.


Ty McCaskill OT Mishawaka (Ind.) Penn 6-5, 300 One of the pleasant surprises of the camp. Strong. Won a lot of reps. Can continue to get quicker but has good tools.
Tyden Ferris DE Delton-Kellogg (Mich.) 6-4, 220 High-motor guy. Runs pretty well too. Can still polish technique, but had one of the better days of the DL in attendance.
Grant Norton OT Camdenton (Mo.) 6-8, 250 Tall frame with plenty of room to add weight. Moves around well too. Just has to keep filling in and learning, but upside is high.
Alexander Howie OL Plymouth (Mich.) Salem 6-5, 310 Had some really good reps in 1-1s. Nice overall combo of size, strength and technique. Likely a guard but maybe an OT. Has D1 offers and a lot of interest.
Aaron Ervin OL Springboro (Ohio) 6-5, 285 Kind of similar to Howie in that he could play guard or tackle in college. Has schools looking his way. We see him as an offer guy.
Maurice White DE Detroit King 6-4, 235 Has the frame and athleticism. Has to polish his game still, but has tools that can't be taught and that should draw a lot of schools his way.
Isaiah Lee DT LaGrange (Ill.) Nazareth Academy 6-2, 270 Great use of hands and leverage. Has a CMU offer which was his first, likely sees more interest come his way soon.
Marcus Greer G St. Louis (Mo.) Chaminade Prep 6-3, 300 Strong kid. Like his effort and the way he competes as well. Inside guy in college, might have upside as a center as well.
Thomas Hornberger G Belleville (Mich.) 6-2, 250 Kind of an unknown guy who emerged. Showed some quickness and good feet in pass pro. Little undersized. Guard-center type.
Brian Dooley OT Toledo (Ohio) St. Johns Jesuit 6-5, 275 Nice sized kid who we marked down as having some good reps.
Kofe Kimbrell DE Port Huron (Mich.) Northern 6-4, 220 Lean, athletic edge rusher/OLB type who showed some get off and quicks.
Solomon Asiedu G Toledo (Ohio) St. Johns Jesuit 6-2, 255 Not real real bit, but showed some quickness and battled hard on every rep. Offers possibilties as a center-guard.
Cameron Herrod DT Belleville (Mich.) 6-2, 260 Agile kid who showed some good counter-moves. Three-technique type kid who we liked in the season as well last year.
Jeremiah Hardge G Detroit King 6-2, 248 Not a kid we knew of going in, but had a few really good reps.
Orniska Webster DT Detroit East English Village Prep 6-0, 250 Another DT who may not be the biggest guy out there, but consistenty won reps as he did at the last camp we saw him.
Bradley Novess DT Flushing (Mich.) 6-4, 310 Massive body. Got injured so we did not see him in best of the best but was an intriguing prospect up until then. Strong. Needs to play lower.
Jacob Kochanny G Cadillac (Mich.) 6-4, 270 Nicely built kid who can move around well also. Made it to best of the best and is a kid worth watching going forward.
Ahmed Weathers DT Ecorse (Mich.) 5-11, 323 Not your prototype body, but has some twitch and athleticism for being so big and was a load for OL to handle. Made it to best of the best.


Devontae Dobbs OT Belleville (Mich.) 6-5, 270 Had some very strong reps. Bigger and stronger than last year. A blue-chipper without a doubt.
Spencer Brown DE Walled Lake (Mich.) Western 6-6, 265 Very intriguing size and athleticism combo. Is he an OL or DL? Time will tell, but there is no doubting the potential he has.
Damon Kaylor OT Huntington (Ind.) North 6-6, 295 Did not know him going in, but he showed good effort and speed for a young kid his size. Definitely on the radar.
Jalen Hunt DE Belleville (Mich.) 6-3, 230 Kid has played LB and RB, but flashed high level ability as an edge rusher.
Jalen Bell DT Detroit King 5-11, 275 Had a really good day. Didn't lose many reps if any. Not a big big kid, but he can play and was a handful for OL.
James Drain G Detroit East English Village Prep 6-2, 255 Little light right now, but had a really good day. Quick, battles hard, good technique.
Logan Miller OT Allendale (Mich.) 6-6 ,260 Nice frame and general athleticism to go with it. Liked his upside.
Freddie Robinson DE Belleville (Mich.) 6-2, 205 Outside linebacker type who can rush the passer.
Griffin Ladonnis DE Cincinnati Purcell Marian 6-2, 215 Another lighter OLB/DE who has athleticism and pass rush skills.
Michael Key DE Belleville (Mich.) 6-4, 227 Yet another Belleville kid who did well. A little more size than some of his teammates too.
Travis Miracle DE Yale (Mich.) 6-4, 240 Linebacker/fullback in HS who is learning to play with his hand down but has a lot of potential there.
William Racely G Flushing (Mich.) 6-4, 265 Did not know him going in, but knew him by the end of the day. Had some good reps in best on best.
Marcus Bevier DT Ypsilanti (Mich.) 6-1, 284 Strong, powerful, high motor kid who consistently won reps and drove OL backwards with his power.
Porter Haught OT Ft. Wayne (Ind.) Homestead 6-5, 255 Lean, athletic prospect. Did not win every single rep, but won his share and even in the ones he lost, showed athleticism and upside.
Matthew Keeler OT LaGrange (Ill.) Nazareth Academy 6-5, 305 Big kid. May even be bigger than his listed size, which is rare. Still developing, but has tools.


Trey Leroux OT Monroeville (Ohio) 6-7, 285 Massive youngster. Obviously still has some learning to do but showed that he has a chance to be a major prospect down the line.
Mike Sessoms DE Ecorse (Mich.) 6-0, 255 Fluid, athletic kid who likely grows into a three-tech. Love his motor and competitiveness. Took on the camp's best.
Denver Warren DT Aurora (Ill.) Christian 6-3, 290 Strong young kid with a nice frame. Has a good, quick spin move. Still learning technique, but he has a chance to be a big time prospect.
Sherrod Green G Belleville (Mich.) 6-2, 310 Has impressed us a couple times this offseason. Wide-bodied interior guy with good strength for a young kid and already has solid tech.
Joseph Tippman OT Ft. Wayne (Ind.) Bishop Dwenger 6-6, 255 Big, long frame. Flashed a lot of tools and we will be watching him closely over the next few years.
Randy Holtz OT Ft. Wayne (Ind.) Snider 6-6, 290 Holtz is another massive Ft. Wayne kid. Basketball player too. Definitely a guy to watch for the future.


Damon Payne TE/OL Belleville (Mich.) 6-4, 250 To be as young as he is and perform the way he did was impressive. Is he a TE? OL? DE? DT? Could be any of them, but a special young talent. Top Stories