Michael Furtney (Allen Trieu / Scout)

Five visit weekend for OT Michael Furtney

Offensive tackle Michael Furtney, who has over 20 offers now, is taking five visits in one weekend.

Milan High offensive tackle Michael Furtney now has 23 offers with Darmouth and Nebraska being the most recent two.

He is set to see several of the schools who have offered him this weekend.

"I have a really busy weekend planned," he said. "I am going to Vanderbilt, Missouri, Iowa State, Minnesota and Wisconsin, all starting on Thursday and we will return home on Monday evening."

With the Huskers being so recent as an offer, Furtney tried to work them in, but based on his busy schedule, he will have to see Lincoln another time.

"I would really like to but I don't think that we'll be able to make it work. But we'll definitely be visiting sometime soon. We booked all four of these days completely full so we don't really have room for anything else."


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